September 1, 2014

Celebrating the end of summer and sneaking in a fun estate sale

A week ago, Chris picked up this moose bell for the a frame.  Before groceries were unpacked at the cottage, Chris had it mounted at the door.  We are officially ready for guests!!
Friday evening was a bit rainy, so we got all cozy with a few board games and books.  
Saturday morning, Chris scouted out an estate sale with thirty minutes of the cottage. 
In addition to a mini bookshelf,  we filled two boxes with vintage holiday and crafting supplies.  I promise to take additional pictures later this week of my stash.
The best deal were these stack of fiestaware that were left behind in the basement.  
I surprised my sister with them on Sunday.   Speaking of my sister, the two of us were brave and went tubing behind the boat. 
After screaming ourselves silly, We both agree that this kind of tubing is more our speed.  
On Tuesday, the girls and Chris start school.  
 Although we are officially saying goodbye to our summer schedules, we are looking forward to visiting the lake as much as possible.  
Happy September, everyone.  I hope your Labor day weekend was a restful one. 

August 28, 2014

Hoping to do very little laboring this weekend...

This week has had me running in circles at work and I'm so ready to hit the road and escape to the lake.

 Although Mother nature doesn't look to be our side until Sunday, that's ok.
 I'm looking forward to slowing down and getting cozy in the a-frame.
Be safe.
 Enjoy this last bit of summer. 
 Happy Labor day weekend!

August 27, 2014

Glitter makes everything better...

Over the weekend, my husband found an estate sale within a few minutes from our cottage. We didn't walk away with much, I did snatch up this faded Christmas planter for .50 cents.  
Although my craft room table is currently covered with lots of orange and black crafting supplies, out came a few bottle brush trees and loads of glitter.  
Don't you agree that everything is better with glitter?

August 24, 2014

Hints of fall are popping up EVERYWHERE!

We took a different route on the way to the a-frame on Friday and came across this. 

Of course I made Chris stop the car so that I could snap a photo.   I hope your weekend was a restful one.  It's off to the races with the official start of the new fall semester at my University!

August 22, 2014

As we walk...

We've barely had time to explore the area around our a-frame. Once we arrive, we usually stick close to the cottage or get right into the lake water. Last Sunday, Chris and I took an early morning walk and found this beautiful spot.
 This weekend, I'm going to embrace it all.  Every S.I.N.G.LE step!  Come on 5pm!