February 9, 2016

Happy Year of the Monkey!

We kicked off the start of Chinese New Year yesterday with a visit to Josie's classroom.
 Her best friend Kaden is also adopted from China and his talented mom and I had fun sharing this special holiday with their classmates.
We used bubble wrap for firecrackers and I think Josie's teacher had just as much fun making noise as his students.
 We also passed out red envelopes filled with chocolate gold coins and Kaden's mom came up with a neat crafting activity where the kids could make a paper monkey and attach it to their paper lantern.
A fun time was had by all.  
Wishing you good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year. 

February 5, 2016

Vintage Valentine Cards

I collect lots of things (hence my overflowing craft room) but vintage valentine cards take up very little storage space and they've been fun to find in estate sale land this past year. 
Wouldn't you agree that the graphics are just so much better than modern style valentines?

 It's been fun to find different ways to display them.

 I purchased this metal card wreath after Christmas on clearance and they've been a great way to display a whole bunch.

Hard to believe that Valentine's day will be here and another collection will get tucked away.

 Happy collecting! Happy weekend, friends!

January 31, 2016

My holiday house(s)

Hard to believe that January is nearly over and February is upon us. 
I made a few modifications to my window boxes at our house and Aframe lake house to celebrate Valentines.
There is definitely a benefit to having two homes...more excuses and places to tuck decorations!

Happy "almost" February!

January 25, 2016

The Annual Harry Potter Yule Ball!

For my long time followers, you know that my husband loves Harry Potter and spends time each week reading Harry Potter during the lunch hour at two different elementary schools in his district. 
 Saturday night was their annual Harry Potter Yule Ball. 
It’s a BIG deal and each year it gets more and more elaborate. 
In the past, he has rented a Dumbledore costume for his special gathering, but this year he decided that he needed a costume of his very own to keep.
The pictures don’t do it justice. It turned out wonderful and he’ll be able to use it anytime he feels the need to be a Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Close to 200 students were in attendance this year.
Loads of creative food and several new activities were added to this year’s venue.
The potions class was a big hit.

Riding the Knight Bus (thank you Grand Rapids Trolley Company) was also very popular.
Several magical creatures were supplied by our local zoo.

We even had quidditch lessons provided by the Grand Valley State University Grindylowe’s team.

Once again, the decorations were nothing short of fantastic.

A truly magic evening.

Chris and all his amazing staff/parent volunteers really outdid themselves.

 Have yourself a magical week.

January 22, 2016

Backyard rink officially open!

It's been a very cold week.
Perfect for making fresh ice. 
The ice rink is officially open for the 2016 season.  

Stay cozy everyone.  For my friends experiencing Storm Jonas, stay safe!