March 2, 2015

Change of plans...

30 minutes after we arrived to our A-frame Friday night, we discovered the lines coming from the well into the cottage were frozen.
We packed everything back up, ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and headed home again.  Good thing we only live 40 minutes away. 
  Instead of winter adventures at the lake, we had winter adventures at home.  
Last year, we officially closed the backyard ice rink March 13, 2014.  
Based on long term weather forecasts, I'm guessing we will be breaking that record.  
 Any bets on the last outdoor skate date of 2015?

February 27, 2015

Spring thinking...

Despite another morning of -negative temps, I'm thinking spring thoughts.  Have a great weekend!  

February 23, 2015

Making the most of the winter...

Like many parts of the country, we've had record cold negative temps. 
 On Sunday, we had a heat wave of 18 degrees and we took a stroll in the woods behind our home.
The snow was deep and it was quite the workout, especially for Josie.

 We even managed to balance the camera on a tree branch to take a family photo.   Getting all four of us in the same photo, rarely happens. 
 More record cold temps are in the forecast for the rest of this week. Stay cozy.

March is nearly here!

February 18, 2015

Wising you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Out with the year of the horse, in with the sheep, goat or ram! 

 Thursday marks Chinese New Year, the longest and most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. 2015 is the year of the goat, but you may see it referred to as the “Year of the Sheep or Year of the Ram” too. 
I did a little research and the confusion stems from the Chinese character “yang”, which can translate in Chinese as either sheep or goat or ram.  
Regardless of the animal, Josie is looking forward to sharing her special holiday with her classmates next Monday.  I'm sure I can get creative and capture a few pictures of her party.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

February 15, 2015

New Old Treasures...

I hope you all felt LOVED yesterday! 

We were under a winter storm warning most of Valentines and now have a wind chill warning with extreme negative temps.  It will be another good day to stay cozy at home.
 It's been a while since I've posted any estate sale treasures.  Estate sales are few and far between during the winter months.
This mermaid sand pail shovel has joined my other shovel in our laundry room/bathroom.
The fly tying kit box is empty but I bought it for the graphics.
  It will eventually end up at the A-frame cottage with the rest of Chris's fishing collections.
The pressed board walling hangings have found their way into my craft room.
I got the pair for a steal and they are in great condition.
The chick, Easter card and wagon are newly acquired additions. I can't wait to start pulling out the rest of my Easter treasures. Yes.  I'm jumping from one holiday to the next! XOXO