October 21, 2014

Pumpkin comparisons...

In years past, we had a favorite farmer that we purchased our stash of pumpkins. Going to his pumpkin patch became an annual tradition and a great opportunity to document growth of the girls over the last 12 months. I just have to share a flashback from 2010. 
Our regular farmer is no longer selling pumpkins and so this year, my annual Halloween "sister" picture was taken our zoo Halloween party. 
I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  Emma isn't a little girl anymore.   You'll be happy to know that Chris has found a new pumpkin dealer to feed his pumpkin addiction.  This is only a portion of of his stash. 

He will be pulling an all nighter Thursday to carve his 20+ pumpkins in time for Friday's party.

Party ON!

October 19, 2014

Weekend cramming!

How was your weekend?  Our's was nonstop busy.

Emma spent most of her weekend busy with marching band obligations.  I think most people would be surprised to know just how long they practice for their very late competitions each weekend. It's not uncommon for these students to be gone for 12 hours on Saturdays.

 We're so proud of the Grandville marching band!
We're on the final countdown to this Friday's Halloween party and we made the most of every available minute this weekend starting with testing the on-loan" popcorn machine.
 Josie and I also enjoyed a little paper crafting early Saturday morning.
This craft was a big hit with Josie, but it does require adult assistance with the stapler.
 We've had fun decorating the ceiling of the sunroom this year. 
The ladders were also temporarily moved back inside so that a few large spiders could inhibit our living room.
The "official" Halloween bunting was also hung with care.
One of the best parts of decorating is unpacking things that I purchased last year after Halloween on clearance.  
I seem to have a thing for black cats and candy treat bags!
I'm not sure if there are child labor laws against paint brick laying, but it turned into a family affair Sunday afternoon.  
We will be sharing the big garage transformation later this week.  It needs a bit more dry time. Have a great week!  The Halloween countdown continues at our house!

October 16, 2014

One week and counting!

All this week, I kept thinking I was going to have time to update the blog and the week has gotten away from me.  
Next Friday we're hosting our 23rd annual Halloween party.
 It's always a mad scramble to get everything done.
Our focus over this weekend (when we aren't at marching band competitions) will be transforming the garage and basement.
Every inch of the house gets decorated (or it feels like it).
Enjoy your weekend.  
I know it's going to fly by!

October 13, 2014

Back...sort of!

It was a whirlwind trip to Denver and I'm feeling behind on everything. Yes. I really did take this picture from my window.  
Before I left, I bought some fun reading for the plane. Thanks to Erica for the heads-up on this magazine.  It's available at Target in case you're interested.  

The conference was good and I enjoyed networking with others in my field.  It was all-work.  I seriously didn't have a single moment of sightseeing (or shopping).

Of course, the best part is coming home. I even had a few vintage Halloween presents waiting for me!!
When Chris and the girls weren't busy with marching band competition, they were also busy getting a few more creatures set-up in the yard.  The Halloween countdown continues!!

October 7, 2014

A few extra guests...

It's a very busy week at work.  
I'm flying to Denver Friday morning to present and attend  this conference.
 Because I'm going to be several states away all weekend, Chris and I made a big push last Saturday and Sunday to get quite a few of our Halloween tubs out.  
I have to keep reminding myself we have a few extra guests around the house. 
We keep scaring ourselves.