August 19, 2012

Bedroom reveal...

I had hinted on this post that we had a master bedroom makeover happening at our house. 
 While soaking up the last few weeks before Chris's school schedule starts up, he has been busy working on his honey-do list. Over the weekend, we put the final touches on our master bedroom. We went from a very safe "tan" color to a very regal purple color.  The color reminds me of eggplant purple.

The framed baby sweater was worn by Emma and Josie.  I covered the lampshade with millinery flowers from a vintage hat and added lace and a faux pearl necklace to the lampshade.

My mother created this amazing wall hanging for my birthday last year.

Our newest bedroom acquisition is this fireplace mantle.  
We had a faux mantle in our bedroom, but spotted this one over the weekend at an antique warehouse and it needed to come home with us.  Several years ago, I made this wreath by wrapping a couple of feather boas around a wreath form.

The charming faux logs might be replaced in the future, but I have to admit I think they are rather fun.

The fireplace mantle holds special hand-painted vases from Nanchang China (where we adopted Josie) and a silver coated bird nest and rose blossom. 

The pictures next to the mantle were taken four years ago....Josie's first fall home with us.

The oil painting above Chris's dresser was painted by a dear friend and former colleague when Emma was in kindergarten.  The camera doesn't do it justice.

Next to my dresser, hangs a wreath that my Mom and I constructed 18 years ago.  
This week, we celebrate our 11th year in our current home.  Prior to this home, we had purchased my grandparents 1950s brick ranch dwelling.   Our home was very different with its vaulted ceiling open floor-plan.  It's safe to say that after this summer, Chris has repainted every room from its original "safe" color palate.  Happy anniversary house!


Lee said...

Love the color and all of the treasures in your bedroom! You have such a way to make each room so charming!
Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

That's a really pretty color - I'm not sure I'd have been that brave, but it turned out great! All of your treasures have such nice stories to go with them - that's the way to decorate!

My Vintage Mending said...

Beautiful. Chris did a great job painting and you did a wonderful job picking the color. I am sure it feels much more cozy. All the little touches are charming. Smiles..Renee

Nellie said...

What wonderful treasures you have, Kim! Congratulations to you and your husband for accomplishing such good remodeling projects! xo Nellie

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Kim-it looks SOOO very nice. I like the surprise of purple and that wall hanging is just beautiful. I like your faux fireplace, too. It just adds a lot of ambiance to the room, doesn't it?

What a treasure that portrait of Josie is-your friend did a wonderful job- xo Diana

April said...

Just beautiful Kim!!! I love that color! The lampshade is so cute!!
All the pictures of the girls and those wreaths just make it so special! Enjoy!!

Donna said...

What a great transformation, Kim! I bet Chris even paints in his sleep:) Love the photos of the girls, they have grown so much in the past four years! Oh, and the framed baby sweater is just too sweet!

Perfectly Printed said...

Love your bedroom!! And I love the color!! My hall bath is almost the same color...Enjoy your "new' room.


Katia said...

Auguri per la tua casa! La trasformazione della tua camera da letto è sorprendente e affascinante nel suo color melanzana: la adoro!

vintage grey said...

It looks beautiful and cozy!! Love all your sweet touches! Enjoy your new room! xo Heather

Jboo said...

Great makeover and all your special touches -- beautiful!!

vivian said...

I love the color and your room looks so peaceful and restful, just as a bedroom should. You really do have a gem of a husband!
have a great week! I'm home recovering from pulling my back out dancing at the wedding! lol!

craftyles said...

Kim, Your bedroom looks wonderful. I love all the personal touches-the vase from China, the wallhanging by your mom and pictures of the girls. I do love that fireplace. I wanted to do that in my room, but we ran out of space. Yours looks great!

Joanna B said...

Wow, it's beautiful!! So1 cozy, you must love spending time in your new room

LBP said...

love, love the color of your bedroom! My parents once had a fireplace mantel like that in their bedroom when I was growing up. Wonder whatever happened to that???



KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Fantastic reveal! I recall the very post when you shared the birthday quilt your mother made you. You have displayed it perfectly and the new colour choice and use of mantel is just lovely.

Corey Moortgat said...

I love that color of purple! So pretty!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Kim,

My what a handy hubby you have! Now everything will be all fresh and painted for the fall! Love the color of your bedroom, and all the pretty touches!


Cheryl G. said...

Looks great!
Love the color!
Love the personal touches too!
I am in the process of painting our room (July is our 12 year anniversary of being in our house). I am taking a long time finishing!

GardenofDaisies said...

What a lovely new bedroom! The deep rich color on the walls creates such a cozy feel, and goes so nicely with the wonderful quilt your Mom made for you.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Now you know I am loving that deep rich egg plant color!!
The room is stunning and what an amazing creation that your Mom made!!
Once again, i am green with envy over that fireplace!!
I just don't have a wall for one on my home....
Any way, What a beautiful own little retreat!!

Congrats on a wonderful job!


Karin said...

Very pretty. So fun to see how you decorated your bedroom.

Pam said...

Oh, I love that color! It's definitely not safe, but who wants safe (as I sit here in my off-white living room). I like that doily under the lamp. Cute touch!