February 8, 2013

S is for...

We're not the east coast, but West MI is certainly are making up for a barely white December.  

Don't those lanterns just pop against the black and white backdrop?

S...is also for very SPECIAL Valentine gifts and SPECIAL friends!!

Have you ever seen a more sweet little monkey?  Even the ruffles underneath her skirt are precious!

 Viv you are so darn talented!!

Your dimensional hearts add the perfect touch along the roof line of my dollhouse!

I also won all sorts of Valentine treasures from Gayle at Garden of Daisies 

This darling blue gingham dress is going to be included in my craft room doll dress window valance.

The girls also appreciated their own boxes of chocolates.

I had no idea just how many treasures she tucked into my heart box.

Crafting projects await on Saturday! Viv and Gayle ...you spoil me so!!  Happy Friday!


Jboo said...

Maddy would say "Holy Macaroni - that's a lot of snow!" Wow -- you lucky ducks! Fun in the snow this weekend!

Sweet valentines and Josie is so adorable with that toothless grin! :)

Happy weekend!

vivian said...

Love the pictures of the lanterns in the snow... so pretty. Its snowing pretty good here right now. were supposed to get up to 14 inches along lake ontario.. which is where i live. I took the day off. though, I have to admit Im sure I could have made it to work just fine. Glad you like that funny little monkey. I made her and knew she had to go live with someone that would appreciate her quirkiness!
Im going to try to stay away from the computer today.. It eats so much of my time up! I'll try to only pop in for a few minutes at time... lol.. wish me luck on that!
enjoy your snow day!

GardenofDaisies said...

Glad you liked it, Kim. :-) Your friend Viv makes such cute little things. Your fresh blanket of snow is really pretty, too.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

The snow makes everything look so spectacular. Now you can spend the weekend in your craft room making lots of special things ~ have fun!

chris mckinley said...

What fun gifts!! And the picture of your backyard is amazing!!! Love little Josie's smile...missing so many teeth!!


VintageBettys said...

Kim....I recieved the package you sent me, and I did a post on it. Thank you for all of the goodies! How sweet that little monkey is :) Viv sure is an artist! And Gayles box of goodies looks like alot of fun!....that little doll dress will look amazing with your doll dress window valance. :) Did you see Gayles amazing baby shower paper lanterns?...they are so sweet! I love the picture that you took of your backyard...those lanterns sure do pop! We only got rain...I'm sure we will get snow in the near future.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Happy Snow Day!! As the year of the dragon comes to a close, we are being pounded right now in blizzard like conditions. Your post is full of just beautiful photos, such generous and creative bloggy friends. Happy Weekend!

Debby said...

Love that tree house in the snow. Love the dollhouse in the house, hah.
Wow, what sweet gifts. AND, thatk you for my sweet heart.......you are so nice.
That monkey is adorable.
Jpsie looks so much better.
Have a good week-end.
Thanks a bunch.

Lynne said...

Love the colorful, snowy, lantern look. And the playhouse in the snow too. All the little treats you are receiving says a whole bunch about you. I can't wait to see what you create.

Isn't this day gorgeous!


Fresh snow is always so pretty!
Loving all your Valentine gifts! It's nice to be spolied!

vintage grey said...

Pretty snow!! Such Valentine goodies you received!! Love the monkey!! Happy Friday! xo Heather

Cheryl G. said...

Love the pictures of the snow and lanterns!
Wow! Lots of fun and adorable Valentine treats!

Donna said...

What amazing gifts, Kim! That little monkey is so cute! Sure looks like you are more than making up for your snow:) Your lantern lights look like ice cream cones!

Pam said...

Wow! That's a ton of snow. We had rain today and almost all the snow is gone. I'm thinking someone might have to shovel off the ice rink now.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh my gosh Kim, I absolutely LOVE all your treasures. Talk about eye candy!! We got snow too, nine inches. It's about time, here in Wisconsin it's usually so much more. This was really our first real snowfall. An inch or two a couple times before. I guess I am just not far enough up north in Wisconsin to get those famous snowfalls. It's so pretty, I'll have to post some pics! Take care and build a snowman, I'm going to tomorrow with the grandkids.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What special things from friends. Valentine's day is so much fun to decorate for. You've got a lot of snow! Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm!

Patti said...

Oh my! All thay sweetness just took my breath away. How fun it will be for you to create with all that cuteness!