August 4, 2008

Pool fun

This has been quite the summer for pool swimming. Emma has mastered the art of handstands & flips and Josie just wants to keep up with her big sister. The water park that we visited last weekend, provided very comfortable life jackets and Josie just loved wearing her special jacket. She would have swam all day if we would have let her. She had absolutely NO FEAR of the water (as you can see in the video clip).

It’s been a wonderful summer and I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to share it with my two girls. Last summer, I was only dreaming and praying about Josie. I'm still in shock that she's actually here. For all those adoptive mother's waiting for your sweet little ones, my heart is with you.

In other BIG news, Josie's first attempt at staying at her new daycare (without Mommy and Daddy) will be on Thursday. Say a few prayers. I'm sure it's going to be harder on the Mommy/Daddy than Josie.


Caroline said...

I love these photos! Nora is also fairly fearless of the water and we have to make sure that she has her water wings on at all times. I love Josie's smiles, and the seeing wonderful love between two sisters. A dream come true!

Nikki said...

Good job girls!
Brett would have so much fun flipping around with Emma---must be the summer for flips and handstands. And Lili would LOVE swimming with Josie!
Seems that all our kids are at the same level at the same time.
I'll say a little prayer for Thursday too---for ALL of you :)

The Young's said...

What great swimmers!!! LOVE the pictures too!! you just have to love how much kids love water...and how wonderful they sleep after they've been swimming!! It is So worth it!!! :)

We'll be praying for you guys on Thursday. You know...what I've seen with Sadie is if I prepare her...tell her way in advance what is going to happen...(e.g. you get to go to "school"'s going to be so much fun....while you're at school...mommy is going to go to work...and you'll get to play and have lots of fun....then mommy is going to come back and get you and we will get to have a great dinner together". (sorry it's so long) But I have found with Sadie if I tell her what is going to happen...what she'll do while there, what I'll do while she's there...and that I'll be back and then what we're going to do...she does great! But having the advance notice to mentally prepare really helps her!! (mainly this is for church class and for going to bed at night...but maybe it will help Josie with daycare).

Gotta are fussing! UGH. Talk soon.
Love ya,

Crazy Mama said...

That is so wonderful how Josie has taken to the water! Kai prefers to sit on the edge and only let his feet get wet. Chloe has NO fear (like Josie). God knew I couldn't possibly watch two fearless kids at once ;D
Emma has mastered pool handstands! What is it with girls? As soon as you put them in the pool, that is what they do! So cute!!!

Tammy said...

Your blog looks great! I'll be praying for Josie Thursday.


Mike and Barb said...

Very cute pictures!!!!!!
I have been surprised, too, how quickly Nina took to the water (much faster than my oldest two).
Your blog looks different everytime I stop by :)
I like your newest version!
Can I take some lessons from you?
You'll see - Thursday will be just fine!!!
Love, Barb