May 30, 2009

Way to go, Emma!

Today was Emma's very last day of soccer and she scored a GOAL in the third period!!!

Their team has worked so hard this year.

Emma's coach was the most dedicated and patient coach she's ever had.

What a great season of growth and self-confidence.

We're so proud of you, Emma!!


Tammy said...

Woohoo! Congratulations to Emma!!

Shelly said...

You go Girl! Who says you can't be a Princess AND an Excellent Soccer player!
Love you!
Aunt Shelly

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Way to go, Emma, indeed!
How loud did you shout?

Mike and Barb said...

LOVE their jerseys!!! They are very cool!!! (Beats the purple on my SON - argh!)
Good job on the goal, Emma!!

Shanna said...

Awesome job Emma! What a way to end the season!

Karin said...

Way to go, Emma! Like the green jersey's (my favorite color!).

Karen said...

Emma, You Rock!
-Aunt Karen

Kim K. said...

Thanks you guys for saying those congrats to me it feels cool to know i have fans supporting me!