November 10, 2009

Hand & Foot Turkey

Our house is so empty now that all the Halloween decorations are put away. I have a few Thanksgiving decorations, but not much. I'm so tempted to start pulling out the Christmas supplies, but I'll hold off. Here's a simple turkey that can be made from hand and foot tracings. Josie had a great time helping me with this craft. She's very good at tracing and gluing, but needed help with scissors.

Supplies needed:

brown, red, orange and yellow construction paper
googly eyes (optional) I used black construction paper and a hole punch to make our eyes

Step 1. Trace around your child's feet with brown construction paper. Trace around both feet. These two pieces will be the turkey's body.

Step 2. Trace around your child's hands using the red, orange and yellow construction paper. These 6 pieces will be the turkey's feathers.

Step 3. Glue the two footprints together to make the turkey's body. The heels make the head area.

Step 4. Cut out a wattle and orange beak. Glue the wattle, beak and google (or paper) eyes to the head.

Step 5. Glue the handprint "feathers" to the back of the turkey, layering them.

The nice thing about this craft is that it will be fun to pull out next year to see how much Emma's and Josie's feet and hands have grown.

Gobble, gobble!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You always have such cute ideas...
Have a great week...

Nicole said...

Kim - You should start doing crafts with kids at the local library or something... you rock!! :)

Lindsey's mom said...

That is a great thing! I had to tell you that my oldest spent her last Thanksgiving with us in 2005, dying very suddenly on 1/6/06 at the age of 8. We miss her so..and have a wonderful bio son, daughter from China, and are waiting for our new son. The project you posted on is the last Thanksgiving project my Chelsea did. I have it framed in my room. I especially love that is shows her hands and feet just as they were. Thanks for sharing this and I do stop in a lot.