November 25, 2009

Nana updates & a few thrifty Christmas crafting ideas...

Quick update on Nana...her procedure was postponed until Monday. On Monday, Chris's mom will undergo a different type of catherization procedure. They are searching for answers with her heart and lungs and are continuing all kinds of diagnostic tests. Some of her tests are being sent to Mayo Clinic. The University of Michigan cardiac units will always have a special place with our family.

Please keep those prayers coming. We love you, Nana.

Now, onto two easy Christmas craft projects!! Both crafts were extremely easy to do and all the materials were purchased from the Dollar Tree store.

Beaded Ornament/Picture Frame

Medium sized plastic beads
Pipe cleaners
* If you want to use this ornament as a picture frame, you will also need a picture, scissors and glue.

Step 1. Take the pipe cleaner and string one bead to an inch of the end of the pipe cleaner. Loop the pipe cleaner around the bead so that the bead doesn't slip off the end of the pipe cleaner.

Step 2. Pour the beads into a small container and let your child string the beads onto the pipe cleaner.
Step 3. Have your child string beads until there is about an inch left of the pipe cleaner.

Step 4. Take the pipe cleaner and form a circle. Close off the ends by twisting the pipe cleaner together. Use the excess pipe cleaner to form a hook.

Step 5. I decided to use this ornament as a picture frame and I printed off one of their recent pictures onto paper and glued it to the back of the bead ornament and trimmed the excess paper. This craft is definitely simple and easy enough for a toddler to complete.

Felt Christmas tree

Dollar Tree is selling these felt trees in both green and red/white. With a little glue and some glitter/sequins, Emma turned a plain tree into a festive little tree. Kinda reminds me of the Charlie Brown tree. It just needed a little love.


Sequins and glitter
Glue and brush
Felt Tree (available at Dollar Tree)

Step 1. Coat the tree branches in glue and sprinkle with green glitter. Let dry.

Step 2. Put drops of glue onto the branches and place sequins on top of the glue. Let dry.

Step 3. After the tree branches have dried, assemble tree. I used a hot glue gun to keep the tree together permanently, but you wouldn’t have to.

Happy Crafting!!


Karin said...

Bless your heart having to spend Thanksgiving at Uof M. Praying for you guys and Chris' mom--praying that the doctors will have wisdom and get things figured out for his mom. HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim...thought you'd get a kick out of this post from Marc's former pastor's little girl from China. :o) Happy Tday! Love, Vicki

At lunch today, Lily made some career choices.
"Daddy," she said, "when I grow up and get a husband, I'm going to live in Hawaii."
"Oh, really? And what are you going to do there?" I asked.
"I'm going to live in Hawaii, but I'm going to work in China," she replied.
"What kind of work?"
"I'm going to take pictures of childs [sic] in China and send them to parents who want babies so they can see them for the first time."
I thought that was a very sweet sentiment. However, I don't envy her commute.

Shanna said...

Praying for Nana....

going to the dollar store today! eating leftovers and crafting would be great way to spend our evening.

Anonymous said...

Chris and Kim,
Thinking of you during this tough time with Chris' mom. It's never easy. Sounds like she's in great hands at U of M.

Sherry F.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Thought of y'all several times this weekend. Glad to hear that she is still holding on through this Thanksgiving season.