January 4, 2010

It was wonderful, wasn't it?

The Christmas/New Year’s break is never long enough. When June hits, I’m always envious of Chris’s K-12 work schedule, but so grateful that he has the opportunity to be home with the girls during the summer. I’ll take what I can get, WHEN I can get it. Those last 2 weeks went by so fast!!!

Aside from getting into a school/work routine, we’re getting the house construction project in order. We’ve got BIG plans for sprucing up and renovating the lower portion of our house. Emma’s obsessed with designing her new bedroom (which we aren’t speaking about in front of Josie because she’s going to miss her bunk bed partner).

I’m totally geeked about an arts/crafts room. It’s not going to be nearly as lovely as my Mom’s studio (which I need to take pictures of to share with you all) but to finally have a place to work that isn’t the center of my kitchen is going to be heavenly!!!

Anyone else sprucing up, painting, and rearranging, too?


Courtney said...

The break went to fast and now I am back into normal routine. My sights now are set on that summer vacation! I can't wait to see what your home renovation has in store. My plans are to re-organize my scrapbooking area and office. Have a great day!

redmaryjanes said...

Your house is already gorgeous...what are you all planning to change?

Truly Blessed said...

I had no idea that you're undergoing some renovation. I'm sure it will be wonderful when it gets done. And poor Josie, I know she'll miss Emma bunking with her (but I understand Emma's desire to have her own space!). It wasn't long ago that you redid the girls' room.

And yes, the break did go by much too quickly. It's been great having all of the kids home, but I think they were happy to get back to school, too.

Nikki said...

As a matter of fact....
Jeff's finishing up the garage and will be (HOPEFULLY!) starting on my craft room SOON!
I cannot wait!! My usual spot is crouched over on the floor...and I'm not as young and flexible as I used to be :)
Be sure to post lots of pics of all your progress...so exciting!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

can't wait to see all the new things..
Love the photo of the girls.
Have a great week..

Shanna said...

So exciting! I can't wait to see all that you are doing!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Heh - I'm just trying to clean up Christmas right now. And I think the Tongginator has that same bed!