April 1, 2011

Welcome April!

It's a new month and so it's time for a new blog makeover.

Even though my Kookie Wabit is gone from blog banner, I promise to continue sharing Easter crafting projects and decor. I'd love to say that these tulips featured in my banner are from our yard, but West MI won't see flowers like this until May. Yippee for grocery stores that sell fresh flowers! April showers bring May flowers!!

I've got loads of crafting ideas to test out with the girls over our spring break next week. My craft room is going to get a work-out!!

We're also hoping to finally start working on the interior of the tree house (as long as the electrician really shows up and Chris can then start on the insulation).

The treehouse interior is not finished at this point.
These are a few of my inspirational photos.

We won't have a white daybed, but Chris is building a loft.
Chris is also going to fully insulate the treehouse.
I really like the idea of using antique white throughout
but having colorful accent pieces.

Aside from crafting, I'll be squeezing in some antiquing and thrifting while I'm off from work. My excuse is that the treehouse needs a few decorations and furnishings...hee hee.

Have a crafty/thrifty weekend!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

love the new blog look and that tree-house is really something.


Jodee said...

Hooray for April and Easter and crafting! I can't wait to see the inside of the treehouse. The inspiration you found is FABULOUS!

Happy crafting and thrifting! Wish I could join you!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Oh my am I ever excited to see tree house progress! Your inspiration pictures are so sweet and girly....love it :0)

Jodi said...

Happy Spring break!!!! I'm sure y'all will have a great staycation in your craft room!!! Fun!!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Beautiful...I can't wait to see what you girls cook up! Always such eye candy here. My favorite stop of the day! Renee

Lee said...

LOVE the sweet print of the two girls!
Have a wonderful, creative spring break!
I hope to figure out how to post pictures on my blog this weekend....crossing my fingers!

Heather said...

I really enjoyed reading about your husband and college days in your previous post! :) Decorating the inside of that adorable treehouse is going to be such a fun adventure. I can hardly wait to see!

Life in Rehab said...

I love the idea of white with pops of color- so summery and versatile.

linnette from www.paperglitter.com said...

LOVE the new blog look and LOVE how that cute little house is coming along--so cute! Happy Spring to ya Kim!

Cindy said...

Happy Spring Break! I can't wait to see what you come up with...
Many April hugs,

I will have to reveal my potting room in our shed once I have done my Spring cleaning in there. We have warmer weather and blue skies ahead this weekend. I think it is time to give you a tour!

Karin said...

OH wow...that is soooo cute! Your girls will love it!

Anonymous said...

You know, I am not that far away. After you finish this project you can come build one in my yard...