September 11, 2011

Crafting , Celebrating & Remembering...

Over the weekend, we glued and stenciled things.

We sometimes used stickers.

The glitter was definitely out in full force.

Even Penny got involved in our crafting.

Overall,we made a HUGE mess.

And we had loads of fun.

While the girls were working on their own creations, I put together all kinds of Halloween ideas to share over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

For my adoptive friends, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

We are planning on Josie bringing in her mooncake mold and special book to kindergarten this week.

We have purchased environmentally friendly sky lanterns to celebrate with later this week.

For the families and friends who lost loved ones in 9/11,
we will be thinking of you as we light our sky lanterns.
We have not forgotten.


Cheryl G. said...

What fun you had with your girls!
Spending time with each other and showing love for your family are the best ways to remember and honor 9/11.

Lee said...

Looks like fun!
I hope to see your loverly Mom tomorrow for fun with miniatures!
I really need to blog about recent finds...just lazy, I guess!
have a great week!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Beautiful post Kim.

I have never seen a moon cake mold like that. Best wishes to you.

vivian said...

looks like the perfect way to spend the weekend! with your daughters and creating! I spent a lot of time in my craft room too. now its over and I really need to get off the computer and get ready for work!
have a great week!

Kathy said...

what a fun weekend. What recipe do you use for your mooncake molds? I have some too, but don't have a rrecipe and afraid things will stick. Thanks.
Girls look happy,love the scrap table picture.

Vicki said...

Kim, your girls are so beautiful. I love crafting with my kids. The sky lanterns are so beautiful. What a great idea.

DearHelenHartman said...

The sky lanterns are awesome - we had some last year (this year we couldn't because of burn bans) and people with crazy big firework displays (we live in the country) actually stopped and watched the lanterns rise and drift up and away and we could hear kids shouting all over the neighborhood - what's that? It's so pretty! etc.

My Vintage Mending said...

So much fun. I wish I were there. Glitter, sugar, stickers and more...I could squeeze in at the end of the table for sure...I can't wait to see what you cooked up. Smiles...Renee

Cindy said...

I wish that my house was back in order so that I could bring out the fall decor and my craft stuff! (I did halfway decorate one mantle this weekend!) What great fun!!!

The moon cake molds are beautiful. We celebrated the Moon Festival on Friday night with our Families with Children from China group. The kids had lanterns with glow sticks, and the highlight later that evening was the eco-friendly floating lanterns. It was so beautiful to see them float to the sky! We said a prayer for America and to Tori's birth family as our two floated away. Today we are on our way to a celebration at Pellissippi Comm. College since the house is in upheaval!

I can't wait to see those moon cakes! Happy Moon Festival, my friend!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST!! We made an entirely different kind of mess this weekend....the far less enjoyable dirty kind of mess LOL.

Excited to see what crafts you have in store for us :)

Katia said...

Wonderful crafting!
Your cat its adorable!!!!

GardenofDaisies said...

So glad that a good time was had by all. I love that Penny the cat got to help too!! Did she get any glue in her tail? Mooncakes sound very interesting.

Donna said...

What a great post, Kim. I love how you have instilled the love of creating in your girls. And those lanterns are incredible!

Pam said...

Very cool. I am going to Google sky lanterns now. Looks like fun.