March 14, 2012

S is for Surgery & Springbreak

Last August I was sporting this lovely walking cast, knowing it was a temporary fix and foot surgery would be needed in the future.

I originally scheduled it for December, but when my mother in law died, it was easy excuse to postpone the procedure. My surgery has been rescheduled for March 30th (over the K-12 spring break) so that my husband can help me during the worst part of the recovery. Six weeks of crutches doesn't sound appealing and I'm finding myself want to postpone it again.

After March 30th, my blog posts are going to slow down (my craft room is downstairs in my house... which is why I seem to be working on Easter goodies earlier than normal this year). Despite my lack of new blogging material after surgery, I'll definitely be actively looking at your own blogs!!

I wasn't going to say anything until it got closer, but my husband said if I put it in writing, I might be less inclined to call and cancel my surgery. Perhaps he's right.



Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I can understand why you would want to postpone. I am the same way and the thought of crutches for 6 weeks would really make me cringe especially since there is 13 steps to go up just to get to our front porch.
Joe has been having plantar warts treated on both feet since November. Every night I have to put acid cream on and wrap both feet. Just when we think they are gone, back they come. Friday , he will see if he is going to have to consent and finally go for surgery. Hopefully, he can have one foot done at a time because having both done will truly be a big problem as we also have a second floor. He will be out of work for 2 weeks with each foot.
So good luck to you and I hope all goes well.


vivian said...

HOw long will you be off of work? thats the only plus I can think of.. and you can get up and down the stairs on your butt! I know surgery does not sound appealing at all. but staying home does.
(I know I complain about going to work alot.. but I really do love my job, I just really really love being home so much more! LOL!)
anyways.. better to do it in march and be back on your feet in may and ready for summer then to postpone it any longer. Youve got a summer full of beach trips, bike rides and antiqueing to do!!
Have a great day KImmie!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Oh I remember your posts hobbling around on your summer vacation trip. I hope that your recovery will be smooth and you will be in top notch condition for summer. Thinking about you.

ImagiMeri said...

Dearest Kim,

As a veteran of about 14 surgeries, 12 of which were on my legs, I can tell you that your fears are totally natural. I wish you the absolute best of luck, and should you need someone to talk to, I am here.

Big Comforting Hugs,

Pam said...

You might as well get it done now and be done with the crutches by summer. And your husband is right - now that it's in writing, you are committed. Just think if all the magazines and blogs you can read while you're out of commission though.

Joanna B said...

I would want to keep canceling, too! Doesn't sound fun! Keep us posted, and get all the craft time in that you can!

craftyles said...

I know it's not something to look forward to-but you can look forward to it being over with. I spent 6 months on crutches after a knee surgery-and you'll be amazed after you get used to them, how much you can do. Take the time to be pampered!! Hope it goes well.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope everything goes well! And maybe you can get a basket full of projects to work on in your chair. Do you need some more paper dolls? ♥♥

Pink Roses and Teacups said...


I can see why you would want to postpone it. You will be glad when it's over, and won't have it hanging over you head. then you can enjoy the summer! Hope all goes well. Take care.


Lee said...

I agree with Leslie, it is something to look forward to being over! I wonder if you could use one of those wheelie things to get around instead of crutches? You bend your knee and push around on it. A friend used it when she had ankle surgery so she could get out and about.
I will send healing thoughts your way. That will be the time for your family to coddle you! Hugs!

Heather said...

Oh, Kim, I am so sorry. I remember as an adult having my tonsils removed, and it was horrible. However, I never get sore throats anymore, and I can look back thinking although it wasn't the most fun I've ever had, having my tonsils out was the best thing I ever did! I bet you'll feel the same after this is all over!

Cheryl G. said...

Here's to a speedy and complete recovery!
March 30th is probably a pretty good date because you will be mostly healed by summertime and you will be up for all that summertime activity!

Donna said...

Hi Kim,
My heart goes out to you, I can totally understand wanting to postpone surgery! I am praying for a super quick recovery for you! Sounds like a good time for everyone to wait on you hand and foot (sorry, couldn't resist the pun!!). Also praying that you will be pain free!

My Vintage Mending said...

Kim I would love to come and bring you all kinds of crafty goodness. Wheel you around in the antique malls. Ride in the basket of your razzy. Just remember the offer stands. Blessings that it will come and go as quickly as a Spring storm. Smiles...Renee

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I think your hubby may be right. Now that you have announced the surgery on your blog and have our good wishes, it is time to get it behind you. You have a whole blogland of support!

birdie blue said...

so sorry to hear you have to have surgery, kim. i've scheduled and canceled foot surgery many times myself (yet to have it done). always for a reason, but what time is ever really a 'good' time. i'll be thinking of you, and sending you good vibes every 'step of the way'. love renee's comment, and i wish i could really come and distract/help you, too.


Barbara said...

I've done the same thing - put something off into the distant future only to be shocked when the dreaded date actually arrived. Good luck, and don't cancel now - you will be so much happier with this behind you than ahead of you. Looking forward to your visits, and wishing you a quick and painless healing!

Jodee said...

You poor thing. I would want to postpone too. So glad your hubby will be home to help you. Good luck!

GardenofDaisies said...

Not fun! But better just to get it over with, so that you will be able to enjoy the summer! Maybe You could move a couple of crafting projects upstairs for a couple of weeks. Will be thinking of you.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Oh dear...Kim. I had foot surgery a few years ago and it wasn't fun, but definately worth it. Hope it is over and done with soon.

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Good luck with your surgery!! I hope you have a quick and easy recovery.

vintage grey said...

You will be in my prayers for your foot surgery and that your recovery will be quick! :) xo Heather