March 2, 2009

My little corner of happiness...

I have a corner in my bedroom that is my tiny sanctuary. After the girls are in bed, I love to sit in my special chair quietly pouring over reading materials (or more likely) catching up on my favorite blogs.

For my birthday a few years ago, Chris bought me the metal outdoor chair (complete with vintage fabric cushions) at one of my favorite antique stores. Then a few months later, we found the fake fireplace mantle at the Allegan County antique fair along with the green window shutter. The fireplace mantle is currently decked out for Easter and it's helping me temporarily forget about this never-ending cold West Michigan weather.

Josie's definitely thinking of warmer weather, check out her modeling her new bikini. The last time she wore a bikini she was only wearing a size 12 month. She's now up to a 2T. Gaining 10 pounds in 12 months does a body good!

She loves her bikini so much, she's even wore it to bed underneath her pajamas and during bath time. What a silly girl.

We're taking the girls on a special trip to celebrate our anniversary of becoming a family of four. The girls know we are going away in a little less than 2 weeks, but we're keeping the destination a secret from them. I'm only giving away one hint - the location does allow for bikini wearing attire.

Feel free to bring on your guesses!!


Mike and Barb said...


Kay Bratt said...

Myrtle Beach? Ha ha...that is the closest to me..

Tammy said...

Hopefully down South so we can meet(just ignore my snow post). :)

Buffi said... said you were going to do Disney in the Fall...unless you decided to do it early. Wonder what beach area you're going to....if it's close to us....give us a ring!!! :) we'd love to meet you somewhere!! Sounds like fun. LOVE your little shabby Chic corner! It's awesome. I look forward to having a bigger home one day so I can have a little corner to myself! SIGH!!!! ONE DAY!! Better go. Hope you have a great day!!!!
Love ya,

Nikki said...

Love your little corner of the world. Makes me want to just crawl in the chair and relax.

OK....let me think where you might be going....California? Florida? Caribbean?
I KNOW it's not Indiana :)
Wherever it is, it sounds like it'll be fantastic!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I love your little sanctuary. One day, I would like to glass in our back porch and create a quiet place for Me.

I think you should come to Georgia. We have beaches, you know. could bring me a cooler full of snow. ;)


Nicole said...

Ummmm... a cruise??? Hope it warms up by then... we've been in the low 60s down here, not quite warm enough for swimming! If you do come down this way, call me!!!!

Truly Blessed! said...

Heh. I know the answer to your special get-away, but I won't spoil your're going to have such a great time, though, and I can't wait for pictures!

Love your cozy reading nook, and I love the shot of Josie admiring her bathing suit in the mirror - love her piggie tails, too!

Loving the 40* weather we're having today as well!

Robin Miller said...

The Bahamas? Somewhere else tropical? Disney?
I just don't know, but I can't wait to find out.

Check out my website under "Special Prayers." The pictures are my newest favorites of Gracie.