March 1, 2009

Wii, Winter boots, & Windsocks

Chris and I have finally given into the Wii craze.

My parents came into town for a bit of shopping and dinner at our house and even Grandpa decided that bowling on the Wii is pretty fun.

Josie has outgrown her winter boots and although I'd love to not replace the boots until next winter, that's just not an option in West Michigan. Josie was happy to model her new pink fuzzy boots along with her fuzzy church coat.

Here's another idea for recycling your child's artwork to make a windsock. Even if it's only 16 degrees outside this morning, we're attempting to bring a little more spring into our house.

Supplies needed:

Ribbon, string, or curling ribbon
Tape or glue
Hole punch

Step 1. Emma chose decorative scrapbooking paper to make her windsock. I used one of Josie's paintings to create her windsock.

Step 2. Take the drawing and fold it into a cylinder shape. Tape along the edge to seal close.

Step 3. Using a hole punch, make two holes and thread your string through the holes and tie to make a loop for hanging.

Step 4. Attach curling ribbon or other decorative ribbon to the bottom of your cylinder to jazz up your windsock.

Step 5. Hang your windsock and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!!


Buffi said...

LOVE the pigtails...coat and new boots of Josie's!!! She is just SO CUTE!!! Don't you love the Wii?!?! it really is a lot of fun and a great time with family and friends!!! Once again...another great craft idea too!!

Guess what?!?! We woke up with snow this morning. We MIGHT have an inch or two. It is SO beautiful. Mark is at church with the kids...I am at home with this stinkin stomach bug/flu. UGH...I DO NOT like to throw up. Anyway...hopefully we can get some pictures as soon as the kids get home. I hope spring comes for you soon!!! love ya, Buffi

redmaryjanes said...

Those are some great looking windsocks!
It is FREEZING outside, I can't believe how cold it is. Thank goodness the sun is shining.

Shanna said...

Great pictures! I have been lost without my computer while in Seaside. We couldn't believe that the only time it happens to snow in GA, we are in Florida!! It was fun to drive in today and see snow on the rooftops and bushes :)
I too think that windsocks are a great way to force Spring into action.