February 27, 2009

Josie's Cardiology Appointment

We visited Josie’s cardiologist at Devos Children’s Hospital this morning. I’m happy to report that Josie gained nearly 10 pounds since she came home last March. She’s now weighing almost 28 pounds. She also has gained a little over 3 inches in height. No wonder Mommy’s back is hurting more when I carry her around!!

Josie tolerated her EKG with only a slight bit fussing. There were no tears and no screaming. Woo hoo! Her attitude towards her heart check-ups has improved so much since we first started seeing the cardiologist.

No parent wants to hear that their child will have to undergo another heart operation in the future, but it was confirmed that she will need her pulmonary valve replaced sometime during her adolescence or early adult years. It’s not uncommon for patients with Tetralogy of Fallot to undergo this surgery later in life. Her pulmonary valve is leaky and the blood flowing into her lungs returns back into her right ventricle which is called pulmonary regurgitation. Over the years, the right valve will become weaker and will need to be replaced. Who knows what kind of medical interventions and surgery techniques will be available by the time she needs to have this operation. We continue to have faith in modern medicine and aren’t going to let this news bring us down.

For now, she is not restricted in her physical activity and she does not need any maintenance medication. Her cardiologist said that he doesn’t expect us to see any symptoms of fatigue with exercise until she reaches 8- 12 years old (if at all).

As you can see by this smile, Josie ended her doctor’s appointment with a sticker and a sucker. She doesn’t have to go back to see her cardiologist until a year from now. Life is good.


Mike and Barb said...

Yeah for Josie!!!!! What a wonderful (almost)clear bill of health!!
She LOOKS so healthy, it's a joy to watch her!
Love, Barb

Susan said...

Great news! And I'll add to Mike and Barb's comment, she looks soooooo healthy! We heard the same prognosis when having Maiya's files looked at, and were also told not to worry. Technology will have made great strides by the time our girls need any further surgery, I am sure of that.

We'll have to plan a play date soon, but not too soon. Maiya is still adjusting to home and family. After an unexpected guest stopped by with her two Chinese daughters last week, we realized she needs a lot more time to bond with us. She was withdrawn from the moment they came in, and for at least 24 hours after they left.

She's blossoming every day, which is so much fun to see. Hope to see you guys soon!

Susan, Roger and Maiya

Wife of the Pres. said...

WONDERFUL NEWS on her heart and hand!!! Yippee!!! Can't wait to be there! Oh and a friend of ours whose daughter will need the valve surgery too is doing so well at 7 1/2 that the doctor thinks she is years away from needing it! I bet Josie will not need it for years!!!

I am still trying to figure out that pom-pom bunny!!! You are so CREATIVE!!!

Tammy said...

No more doctors for a year! Awesome! I'm sorry to hear about the valve replacement surgery. :( Who knows what kind of medical breakthroughs they'll have by then, though.

redmaryjanes said...

She is just so darling. We'll be at the cardiologist too with Sophia. She is a heart baby.

Truly Blessed! said...

Yeah Josie! What a big girl to go through all those tests without much fussing, and I sure hope you enjoyed that yellow sucker, you earned it!

Good news on her growth, she certainly looks healthy. And though she will need the valve repair done, put it out of your mind and enjoy your blessings for a long time until it's time to think about it again. Excellent news that she doesn't need to go back for another year.

I made Ella's ped. card. appt. for the end of May. I'm just praying that her VSD is continuing to repair itself. We'll see.

I'm just loving this spring like weather -- love it!

Have a great weekend.

Nicole said...

Wonderful news!!! So glad Josie was more at ease during the EKG too... that makes this sooo much easier!!!

Anita said...

YIPPEE!! I always love to hear the same news when we take Kaylin...see ya in a year! :) And each year, Kaylin has done better and better with the echo and EKG part of her check-up. All of her docs have also said that by the time she may need the valve replacement, they will probably be doing it by cath and not OH. So, we're praying it's perfected by then to make it a much easier and safer process.

She looks like she certainly enjoyed the treat afterwards with that smile! :)

Caroline said...

Wonderful news! She is looks so happy. Let's pray that science advances and can meet her future medical needs with as little surgery as possible. xo, Caroline

Robin Miller said...

Well, I decided to go ahead and renew my website. I know, I know, I should have started a blog, but didn't want to think about setting it up.

Love and hugs!

Kay Bratt said...

I am so glad to hear the good news! Celebrate!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Great News for now!

Shanna said...

I agree, there are so many years between now and when she may need a valve replacement that modern medicine will improve just that much more!!
Josie is doing awesome!! Praise be to Jesus!!! I love her beautiful smile. Her spunk shines through eyes!!