February 8, 2009

Chocolate & Flowers

Preparations for Valentine's started a little early this weekend. We all needed a chocolate fix Sunday afternoon in between sorting and putting away laundry.

While Emma was away at a slumber party Friday night, Josie and I worked on a flower craft. This bunch is getting sent to Daddy's school office this week.

This craft is actually two different kinds of flowers (both of which are toddler friendly).

Flower #1


Card stock or construction paper
Green pipe cleaners
Markers, crayons, stickers,

Step 1. Start by cutting out several different hearts out of construction paper. Card stock works even better.

Step 2. Have your child decorate the hearts with markers, crayons, stamps or stickers.

Step 3. Cut 3 small slits with scissors in the center of the heart.

Step 4. Thread the pipe cleaner through. This is great for fine motor development, but really little hands will need help. The pipe cleaner should have some extra after being threaded through and you will bend that to secure it.

Step 5. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until all your hearts have stems. Tie a pretty bow around your stems or put it in a vase.

Flower #2


Tissue paper (at least 3 different colors)
Green pipe cleaners
Hole punch

Step 1. Cut the tissue paper into circles. I varied the size of the circles (small, medium and large) but it doesn't have to be exact.

Step 2. Take your hole punch and make a hole in the center of the tissue circles.

Step 3. Take the end of a pipe cleaner and gently push it through the center of the tissue paper.

Step 4. When you have all the issue pieces on the stem, bend the top inch of the pipe cleaner into a little loop or thread a bead onto the pipe cleaner.

Step 5. Use your hands to crumple all the layers of paper into one big mess.

Step 6. Gently uncrumple the tissue mess and you will discover a beautiful bloom.

These flowers would also make great gifts for Grandmothers or Aunts for Mother's day. Happy crafting!!


Shanna said...

Cute craft! I see Josie is starting to use her right hand more in the photos! That is GREAT!

Buffi said...

Look at you girl!! You just amaze me!!! Mark and I just decided today that we were going to do something for each other on valentines day. NOW...geesh...what in the world do I do?!?! I'm not good at this holiday! I am SO not a romantic type! LOVE your ideas!!!!

Leslie said...

How in the world do you get all the pictures AND help a toddler create THIS?! You are one crafty Mama!!!

I love the finished product!

Mike and Barb said...

Looks like Josie will be a crafting pro in no time at all :-))
Valentine's day is another holiday I could to entirely without... and to come up with an idea for about 80 - 100 Valentines every year is a daunting task.... any ideas???
Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

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