February 15, 2009

Smartie Pants

Josie has recently she started recognizing letters from the alphabet when we've been reading books. Her daycare reports that during potty time they have an alphabet near the potties and she's one of the only toddlers that reads the letters while she attempts to do her business. Could a mother be any prouder...hee hee!

Here's a short video of Josie practicing her letters.

Here's another short video of Josie singing her version of the alphabet song. The end of the song is the best part.

And did you know that the bottom level of the dollhouse is the perfect napping place?


Nicole said...

Too cute!!! Love the "me" part at the end... :o)

PandaMom said...

What a doll!!

Love your blog look, too! ; )

Shanna said...

Awwww! she is so cute AND smart. How proud you must be.
Thanks for sharing the video.

Mike and Barb said...

What a smart little girl!! This is amazing!
OHHH, and I love the "X" part in her song :-))) too cute!!!!
I'm happy to hear that you had such a special Valentines Day!
Love, Barb

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Love the "napping place!"

Vicki (big "sis) said...

Miss Emma has been a superb teacher!

Buffi said...

That is SO wonderful!!! You know...Sadie is like that too. She recognizes most of the alphabet. She has a strong desire to learn. I think she probably knows more than Silas does and he's 9 months older. What a CUTE napping place!!!!

Aunt Shelly said...

OMG! She is so cute! For sure the office cutie here at my work! I cannot believe it will only be a year next month!
Aunt Shelly

redmaryjanes said...

She's a smart one! Darling too :)

Oatsvall Team said...

so absolutely adorable ... what a smart girl you have !!!

thanks for the prayers ... and so glad you got to sleep till 7 on Vday ... funny how Josie is an early riser and Maggie is late owl (midnight most nights) ... guess they won't be college roommates ... hee hee ...

love ya ... thanks for the prayers..

Anonymous said...

Smartie Pants indeed! She's amazing. When making your adoption application did you ask for the most adorable and brilliant child in China? Makes me happy to see her (and your family) so happy. Sherry Franklin