February 7, 2009

Spring Thaw & Celebrity Reading

Check it out!!

It actually felt like spring today and we're totally loving it. Even Penny enjoyed the sunshine streaming into our sunroom.

These shots were taken on our way to Chris's book reading at Barnes & Nobles bookstore.

I've written about this in earlier blog posts, but my husband and a colleague from his elementary school read Harry Potter once a week during their lunch hour. Students can choose to eat their lunch with Mr. Kenward and Mr. Mitton instead of going outside for recess. It's been quite the hit over the last three years. On Saturday afternoon, they read two selected chapters from The Sorcerer's Stone and The Order of the Phoenix as a fund raiser for their elementary school. A percentage of all sales at Barnes & Nobles were donated to their school's library.

Here are a few fun shots.

Josie lasted for about 30 minutes and then decided to go on stage and sit between Chris's legs while he continued to read.

We all had a good time and it looks like it was another great fund raiser for their school.


Nikki said...

LOVING the spring thaw!
It got up to 55 degrees or so here.
Woo Hoo!!!
We're just bracing ourselves for the next round of winter though. eek.

Leslie said...

Looks like the "entertainment" was quite a show!!! What a neat thing Chris does!!! Oh and Susannah has those same Tarjay black shoes with the pink hearts, right? Thanks for your post about the China possibility!

We had a warm day yesterday but today we had 30MPH winds so that sort of put a damper on our thaw!

Buffi said...

What a cool thing for Chris to be able to go there and read like that! He must be a very good presenter when he reads!! :)

It was over 60 here. I are SO LOVIN' it. We had all the window open and the fans on. It was great!! Hey...if we're not going to have winter precipitation....I'm ready for Spring!! :) have a fantastic sunday!
love ya,

Shanna said...

How awesome! So glad that you had a hint of Spring! We too enjoyed the warmer weather in the South! It was nearly 70 today!

I am not sure that I have ever seen a cuter picture of Josie!! I know that she totally stole the spotlight! She has such a naughty smile. LOVE IT!!!