February 14, 2009

A perfect day...

I had the perfect Valentine's day. My day started with Miss Josie waking up at 5:45am and Chris let me stay in my own bed and he went and slept with her. I actually got to sleep in until 7am!! Josie has continued to be a very early riser (even on the weekends) and to have that extra bit of sleep was incredible.

I then made myself an amazing cup of coffee (complete with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate. Nothing like a little bit of dessert for breakfast!!

Chris cleared the driveway (that pesky snowed came back to West Michigan) and then Emma and I hit my favorite antique store. It's filled with over 40 different vendors and I ALWAYS find something.

We came away with a stash of wooden doll bead heads, decorative hankies, a spring picture, Easter vintage post cards, a miniature doll cradle and cloth strawberries.

The doll bead heads and hankies turned into these lovely ladies (while Josie was napping). Aren't they cute? Be sure to click on the picture to see all the fun details. Their bodies are made with pipe cleaners and wooden thread spools.

I'm not going to even begin to post the instructions for this craft because they were pretty involved. They were inspired by one of my favorite crafty bloggers (Sarah). Since she posted them on her blog, I've been scouring antique stores for wooden doll bead heads.

While Emma and I were crafting, Chris got some much needed alone time bowling with a colleague and then on his way home, he picked up pasta and salad from one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. We ended the evening watching a family movie.

Saturday was filled with fun, crafts and a night off from cooking. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Valentines. I hope my readers had a day filled with a few sweet somethings!!


Steffie B. said...

wow....perfect indeed....all I know is....your house must be huge....where do you store all this stuff????? lol

Waiting for that TA stork.....lol


Tammy said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed your day--and got some extra sleep. :)


Shanna said...

Those dolls are amazing!! They are all so perfect!
A great Valentine's Day you had indeed. You SO deserve it!