February 19, 2009

Isn’t that finger food?

Everything has become finger food to Josie. Her eating habits have gotten considerably worse. She used to be so good about using her fork and spoon. When she first came home from China she was so careful to not drop a single piece of rice. Now, every meal requires a sweep/mop and quick dip in the tub and a HUGE reminder to use her utensils.

This morning during breakfast she took her straw out of her juice box and decided to pour her juice into her cheerios and then dump her wet disgusting cereal out of the bowl onto her tray and then smear everything all around. I swear I only turned my back on her for two minutes to go pick out her clothes for daycare. I didn't take the time to photograph her, or my disgusting hardwood floor, but this was the icky mess on her tray after she left with Chris (note the puddle of juice in the corner of the tray).

Emma never did this (or at least I don’t remember this happening all that often). I was talking to a faculty member at work and she reminded me that developmentally Josie missed some very important stages while living at the orphanage. Good point. She's also been home for nearly a year and she feels safe with us now. Josie knows the food supply is practically limitless. Anyone else see a regression with their little ones self-feeding skills after they had been home for awhile?


Nicole said...

Katelyn hasn't been quite as neat either... I do agree that some of it has to do with being institutionalized, and some of it is just simply the girls testing their limits. Hey, we know our girls CAN eat nicely (as is apparent from their orphanage pics)... it's just a matter of them choosing to do so!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I haven't seen regression with Ellie and didn't with Josie-Tatum, not in eating habits.

Ellie, however, is BY FAR the messiest of all of my children. She loves messes of all kinds.

Josie-Tatum will tip toe through the grass, while Ellie rolls in it. Josie-Tatum will want to change shirts if she gets a drop on her, while Ellie could spill an entire drink and keep going.

Kids are all different!


Cindy said...

Too funny. Ava was also a big eater in the beginning but now she tends to know that there will always be food given to her so choosy she can be, but not messy. Oh she does play with her food. Malia on the other hand was a messy eater when she was a toddler now she is pretty clean.

Truly Blessed! said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, Ella is doing similar things with her food and it's making Mama unhappy. I have had to be hyper vigilant when I feed her and watch every second so that she doesn't start making this type of mess. Frustrating!

Shanna said...

Yeh, I feel your pain. I have to leave the kids in p.j.'s for breakfast because I can expect a huge mess! Kai would be ever-so- careful when eating (at first), but Chloe has been a mess all along! It takes forever to clean up after them in the morning. I know we will miss it all one day........one day, that is :o)

Buffi said...

Sadie hasn't experienced anything like this...but maybe your friend is right. It could be because she has never had that opportunity to do that! She could also just be extremely "creative". that's what my mom would say. Bless your heart!! It's SO HARD cleaning up these messes!!! She'll come around and begin to be neat!! Hang in there!!! Hope you have a great weekend!
Love ya,

Mike and Barb said...

I bet you're right about the developmental phase she has to re-do. Doesn't make it any more pleasant while it lasts, but just think of it as healthy. And setting SOME boundaries is still okay!
Love, Barb