February 3, 2009

Starfish & Snowflakes

I promised Kimberlely that I would post some much needed information about the Starfish Cleft Palate Home. Kimberely's blog has all the wonderful details and the amount is totally tax deductible and the donations will go through the STARFISH CHILDREN'S SERVICES. If you've never followed the Throwing Starfish blog, you need to check it out. Amanada is in China and is fostering children who have gone through extensive medical treatments. She has recently been asked to take in 12 children with cleft issues and desperately needs funds to make this work. Use the link listed to find out more information on the Starfish Foster Home.

Thank you Kimberely for having such a HUGE heart and wanting to get the word out to families on how they can make a difference. If you are willing to come forward as a sponsor family or group, please email Kimberely at timnkim@gmail.com.


We woke up to EVEN more snow falling this morning. I'm normally a snow lover, but I'm officially tired of it. Winter has just taken on a life of its own and I'm ready for spring. Just as Chris and Josie were headed off to daycare and school, I followed them outside and took a picture of them next to our big snowbanks at the end of the driveway.

At least it's February and the Snoopy Valentine flag has replaced our winter snowman flag. It's a small start!!


Truly Blessed! said...

Yeah, I'm with you about the snow. It can STOP any time!

We're starting to make plans for a spring break get-away - I don't know what we'll do, but it's fun dreaming!

Buffi said...

We have YET to get any snow! I'm SO BUMMED!! We have had some close calls but it either goes north or south of us EVERY TIME!! UGH! Guess that's part of living in the South!!! Hope Spring comes early for you guys!
Love ya,

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much Kim. Your post is just perfect. I am so grateful for all of the support :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Okay, I'm just jealous. I just want snow close enough to us that I can drive north for a few hours so the girls can see it.

Robin Miller said...

If it makes you feel any better, we're getting more snow tonight, and we NEVER get snow! We're so excited---of course with only 1-2 inches, EVERYTHING closes around here!

Shanna said...

Wow! Kimberely has really taken on so much! What an amazing woman she must be. I will add her to my blog.
The snow is NUTS! I have daffodils blooming in yard here in the South! I am so ready for spring, so the sight of a snow bank as tall as yours makes me shudder.
LOVE your new blog banner!