February 12, 2009

Valentine Parties

We were recently given a bunch of gently used clothes for Josie. Just check out the smile over wearing Elmo overhauls!! Doesn't she just radiate happiness and joy?

I was thrilled to find that Target is showcasing owls with their Valentine decorations. I'm definitely going back to see what else I can find on clearance.

Both girls have Valentine's parties at their schools today which meant alittle extra fussing this morning.

Too bad Valentine's parties don't happen at Universities!


Tammy said...

The girls look beautiful! Josie is simply "glowing" in her Valentine outfit!

Buffi said...

Don't you just LOVE Target!?!? And how awesome to get those hand me downs!!! I LOVE the red dress Josie has on! it is TOO CUTE!!!! Hope yall have a GREAT Valentines Day!!!
Love ya,

Mike and Barb said...

Happy "early" Valentines day!! The girls look adorable, and Josie looks so grown up in this picture!! How many inches has she grown this past year????
Love, Barb