October 19, 2009

Whhhhoooooooo loves Halloween?

I know...enough already. Come on people!! We've got a party deadline approaching and we're just getting warmed up. This past weekend was filled with ladders, extension cords and crates of decorations to unpack. To all my online friends who can't attend, think of this as your virtual tour.

This is my Charlie Brown collection.  The lights are a bit bright, but I just love my plastic figurines.  Target sold these a few years ago and they still bring a smile to my face every time I unpack them.  I especially like Lucy's green witch mask.

Chris got out the extension ladder to hang this witch and his cloud creations above our 10 foot Halloween tree. The GIANT spider is a new addition to this year's display.

Our ghost bride and groom are now soaring above our fireplace mantle.  Fishing line and ceiling hooks are a necessary staple during the Halloween season. 

Mrs. Spider is now take up residence on our living room ceiling.

Because one Dracula isn't enough, we have another one at the front door.  This one will be greeting folks with goodies bags and instructions on where the carnival games are positioned throughout the house. 

This witch was the floor model two years ago at Costco.  She's got a black cat that rides in a bag on her broomstick.  Witchy-poo is positioned outside on the porch next to the front door.  I especially love her striped stockings.

Our illuminated ghost has been with us for seventeen years.  He's tame, but still my favorite. 

And because I can't help but throw in a few pictures of the girls, these were taken on Sunday after church. 

Josie was a moving target during the photo shoot (sitting still and being QUIET during church, or airplane rides or doctor's office visits, still isn't her strength) but letting her run around our back yard produces all kinds of smiles.

Have a wonderful week and stay healthy.


Shanna said...

Thanks for the tour! I too love the Charlie Brown collection. I am so impressed with your beautiful decor. Wished I could see it in person.... maybe one day!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMW... LOVE the Halloween decor.. WOW>..
Can't wait to see more..
Love the photos of the girls..
have a great week..

redmaryjanes said...

Fabulous!!! Can't wait to see it in person!

Susan said...

Hey Kim, have you guys ever been to the Copper Top? I think that's the name of the bar & grill. I ask because I think you must've worked that in a past life! They cover their walls, every inch, for every holiday. I haven't been there in years, but I recall it looking much like your home. Actually, I think you have them beat!

So glad to see Josie it feeling better! Have a wonderful trip this weekend, and see you soon!

Susan, Roger and Maiya

Mike and Barb said...

Oohhhh, I like your new spider!!!!!
Love, Barb

Truly Blessed said...

Love the photos of the girls -- Josie's red hat is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour and sharing the pics of the girls. Emma and Josie are just simply lovely.

Have a great week at Halloween Central!
Cindy W.