December 17, 2011

Christmas fun with Papa!

Papa (my father in law) is staying with us for a bit of holiday cheer and we've kept him busy with nonstop adventures. Today we ventured to Frederik Meijer Gardens to tour the Christmas trees from around the world, and enjoy the railroad garden.

We even discovered that he has a hidden talent of sugar cookie decorating!

Who knows.
Maybe I'll even get him working on a holiday
CRAFT project with the girls!!



My Vintage Mending said...

Just looks so sweet. What a great way for everyone to enjoy the season after such a long month...smiles....Renee

Pam said...

Ah, the photos of your FIL with the hat are adorable. They all look so cute together, decorating the cookies. One of my favorite holiday memories is decorating the cut out cookies. Wish I enjoyed them more now, but they just take so darn long to make.

Cheryl G. said...

Great photos!
That photo with the bakers hats are priceless!
What fun!
That Josie is such a doll!

Donna said...

So glad that you are able to spend time with your FIL. The matching chefs hats are so cute, what a great sport he is! I've never been to the gardens, but I've heard how wonderful they are. I sure so miss shopping at Meijer!

Marie said...

je suis heureuse pour vous de partager de si bons moments. Le park a l'air très sympa. Et la bête qui est dans l'enclos, c'est quoi ? un renne, un un karibou ou autre ? En France, on n'a pas ce genre d'animal.

vivian said...

OH Im glad your fil is there with you. I had wondered about him. love the hats! I baked yesterday, have a little more to do today and the frosting is still left to do!
wow.. i need to take this week off.
have a happy day!

Heather said...

I am so glad that your FIL has been able to spend time with you guys. He looks adorable in the baker's hat.

Jodee said...

So glad you scooped your FIL up to love on him this holiday season. It must be so hard.

Love the cookie decorating pictures! It looks like you are having loads of fun with him!

Aunt Shelly said...

It looks like Dad is having a wonderful time there with you guys. Makes me feel great. He needs this! Love the hats! Hope to see the crafting pics soon! Love you all so very very much! XOXOXOXO <3<3

DearHelenHartman said...

How sweet for your family to have you father in law for the holiday.