December 15, 2011

Josie's Christmas Wishes & Walnut Cradle Ornament

For those of you who wondered what Josie asked Santa to bring her for Christmas on yesterday's post, she asked Santa to bring her more superhero toys, cars and a PUPPY! With 2 cats, I think our house is complete in the pet department. Our kitten Luna is so darn busy...kinda like Josie!

I don't think Josie will be disappointed. Technically, the dollhouse is a gift from Chris and I. However, an electronic racetrack might just magically appear along with a few more superhero books from Santa. I'm noticing a trend. Racetrack for Daddy. Dollhouse for Mommy.

I promised on this post, that I would attempt to make my own walnut Christmas cradle ornaments for Josie and Emma based on this one that my mother made years ago.

Although I didn't have the sweet rose fabric that my mother used, I'm fairly pleased with how my versions turned out.

Walnut shells (cracked in half)
Fabric (cut into a square measuring 3 inches long by 1 inch wide)
Poly-Fil (or cotton balls)
Hot glue
Bead (painted with a tiny face) or a tiny wooden figurine ornament
String for hanging the ornament

Cracking the shells in half is a bit tricky. I didn't take any pictures during this part, but I found that if you insert the tip of a knife (or a miniature flat head screw driver) into the seam that splits the two shell halves and slowly work your around the shell, you can break the seal around the shell. For me, the hardest part of making this ornament is painting the wooden bead used to make the baby's head.

My mother shared a trick of using the end of a paint brush (varying sizes) to get clear round dots. An easier option is to use a tiny wooden figurine ornament for the baby.

Step 1. Add a drop of hot glue to the top of the walnut shell and loop a string and press onto the hot glue. This will form the loop to hang the ornament.

Step 2. Cut your fabric into a square measuring 3 inches long and 1 inches wide. Add a pinch of Poly-Fil l to the center of the fabric and roll up the sides to form a tube.

Step 3. Cover the interior of the walnut shell with hot glue and press the fabric tube into the shell forming a blanket shape.
Step 4. Hot glue the bead to the top of the walnut shell and add a bit more glue to the top of the blanket to attach the bead to the blanket.

Step 5. Add trim or ribbon to the edge of the blanket. This step is totally optional.

Happy Crafting & Merry Christmas!

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In case you're wondering,
that is a pink feather tree.
I {heart} it sooo much that it's
going to stay up in my craft room
year round!!

PS. Tomorrow will be the final
reveal of Josie's Christmas dollhouse secret.



Courtney said...

Josie is so cute with her Christmas requests. Love the sweet little ornaments you made.

vivian said...

I think I'd like a puppy too.. a big white poodle.. and then, Id like to dye him pink! well, it wont happen, as my two cats and the parrot complete us in the pet department too. tell Josie.. I know the feeling! we will be getting a new baby right after christmas though! And they have moved in here, so that means my baby grand daughter will be living here too! woohoo merry christmas and good bye sleep! lol!
ok.. cant wait to see that dollhouse!

Jboo said...

I should have known -- she'd ask for a puppy! Now that we have a puppy, can you guess what Maddy is wishing for . . . a Kitty!! NOT gonna happen! :)

Love your ornaments -- so adorable!


My Vintage Mending said...

I heart it too...I have the Spring green version. Josie can borrow one of our puppies...she will grow weary quickly. Cats are far cleaner. I have been wiping muddy paws all morning. Your ornament turned out great. Love the extra touches. Trim is divine. So glad you are getting to your stuff. Thinking of you all day TODAY...smiles...Renee

Lee said...

So cute! I have one of these ornaments which I made when just a kid...gotta love it!
Love the pink feather tree! I bought a black one after Halloween...couldn't get it out of my mind. Guess we are both a bit obsessive about holidays!
Sending you loads of patience and love during the holidays!

DearHelenHartman said...

So cute. Maybe Josie can have a practice puppy, an itty bitty one for her doll house.

Lynn said...

ah, Kim, these ornaments are soo cute. Going to put them on the list of stuff to try to make!! Josie is so sweet with her wishes. I am wishing for a kitty but with the four furbabies I doubt that will happen, in fact I know it won't happen. Hubby said I could get a kitty after he dies LOL Men. Merry Christmas and can't wait to see the final reveal of the doll house!

Cindy said...

You know I almost said "a puppy." But, I then remembered that was probably Emma's wish. Okay, Mom, sounds like the troops are advancing on this one:) Now, if only I can talk Tori out of her kitty obsession!

My kids love their dogs, but they do involve much responsibility and work. (Remind them that they don't have to walk their cats in the rain and snow!) See if that curbs the appeal any...

Love the sweet baby cradle craft. That would be cute to decorate for a baby shower, too.

Have a great Thursday!

Diann said...

How sweet Kim!

Cheryl G. said...

That is such a sweet little ornament!
So cute.
So, are you tempted to get the dog (even if you have the cats)?
We have two dogs and a cat and it is entirely because of our kids (well and for the mouse catching abilities of the cat).

GardenofDaisies said...

Love the pink feather tree. My sister has one and it's so cute! Such a sweet dolly ornament.
When I was a kid we held nut cracking day 3 or 4 weeks before Christmas. My sisters and I would sit out on the "quintal" with hammers and various other tools and big bags of nuts in the shell and a coconut or two. We'd hammer away, crack the shells and remove the nut meats so that we would have what we needed to bake cookies and tarts and fruitcake, etc... (We didn't have the luxury of prepackaged nuts and shredded coconut at the stores where I lived.)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I have been waiting for your walnut bassinette. We have our ballet recital and Nativity this weekend, but I am determined to find time to make two this weekend for our tree. They are precious.

Pam said...

Oh, a girl needs a dog! You could just buy a little china dog for the dollhouse and then you're all set. Your walnut shell cradle is adorable. I do remember that they are hard to open with out cracking. Good tip to use the knife.

RamblingMother said...

Here is my attempt at the walnut ornament. Great idea by the way.