November 1, 2012

All good things must come to an end...

After weeks and weeks of decorating and preparing for Halloween, it's officially over after the last trick or treater left the house.
It's only fair that I leave you with a few last exterior shots and a short video tour of the yard. Chris is the mastermind behind the outdoor decorating and spooky sound effects.

With our cool wet weather, I adapted Josie's bat costume for trick or treating.

I attached a few bats to her outdoor black winter jacket.

Thanks for taking your little sis around the neighborhood, Emma.

I say this every year after Halloween...anyone interested in helping pack up our stuff?


vivian said...

Such an incredible amount of time and energy goes into this... I dont think I could stand taking it all down! I love that the wind was vblowing and that the ghost were dancing! everything looks fantastic! Id come help pack up if I were nearby.
Im leaving all mine up for another two weeks i think..... unless I suddenly get tired of it all. It wont be getting put away this weekend anyways because i'm on call from friday to next friday.
have a great day Kimmie!

My Vintage Mending said...

It was cold here too....never can be nice for a little stroll around the neighborhood. We made our oldest answer the door as a payment for bad school choices so it worked out well....Loved Miss Josie and a sweet big sister....I would gladly come and help just to spend a few days with you all. Smiles..>Renee

Lee said...


Lynne said...

I can't imagine where you begin the "taking down, putting away!" I have enjoyed your Happy Halloween, 2012!

Nellie said...

You spend such a lot of time preparing for this. Now it's time to pull out the turkeys.:) I plan to leave my non-jack-o'-lantern pumpkins out through November.

Have a happy first day of November!

xo Nellie

ImagiMeri said...

Yeah, I'll be right over to help........LOL

Your hubby is a genius, now does he take it all down and put it away, too?

Sorry that's my age talking. I won't even show you the pitiful setup we did last night, but we had fun, so that's all that matters...right?

Love ya'

Jboo said...

Such cute girls! Hope they got lots of treats!! I would be happy to take it down if you could help me put up Christmas stuff! How about a trade-off! ;)

Happy Thursday!


Barbara said...

Well, I do not envy you the packing-away chore, but it's a good time of year, and once those decorations are away, it will be time to think about more decorating! Good luck ... un-decorating is not one of my favorite chores either!

craftyles said...

I bet the kids in your neighborhood can't wait to see what you guys come up with. The video felt like a piece of Disneyland-maybe Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion mixed together. Truly Spectacular!

chris mckinley said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Another year, another wild party and Halloween season. I will be packing up today too. Sending left over candy corn to son at college so I don't eat it!

vintage grey said...

The girls looks too cute!! Love all your decorations! Wish I lived closer to come help! ;) Happy sweet day to you! xo Heather

Cheryl G. said...

The sound track is so great! I bet you have tons of people coming to your house to trick-or-treat! What fun!
The girls are so cute! What a great big sister Emma is!
Miss Josie looks so adorable in her bat costume!
What a job to put everything back together!

Carol T said...

Truly a spectacular display. I can appreciate the amount of work involved and I'm sure your neighborhood loved it. I know I would. I'm almost finished packing up Halloween and getting ready for pilgrims and turkeys!

Troy, MI

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful end to a spectacular Halloween for you and your sweet girls- Blessings to you all- xo Diana

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I know it's a ton of work, but I'm sure it's a great time for everyone-enjoy (everything but the packing up:@)

Jodee said...

It looks like you had another fun Halloween. Cute pictures!