November 28, 2008

Holiday Craft Series Project 1

I grew up with a mother, grandmother, and several aunts who loved to do crafts and collect vintage Christmas ornaments.

The crafting and antique sleuthing experience is not quite the same with the toddler, but I'm not shelving my favorite leisure activities. Emma enjoys crafting and exploring antique stores with me and I've learned to save some of my craft projects for when Josie is napping or after she's in bed at night. Want to see what Emma and I have been up to lately?

The first project is a button Christmas tree. It requires a white Styrofoam cone, straight pins, seed beads, an assortment of buttons, and a little bit of patience. I managed to finish my tree in about 90 minutes. All the supplies can be found at most craft stores. I bought my buttons in bulk and for those of you that live in West Michigan, I got all my supplies at Meijer (I didn't even have to make a run to Michael's or Hobby Lobby).

I divided out all the buttons, beads and pins into several bowls for easy reaching.

Thread a bead first on the straight pin and then thread the button onto the pin. The bead will keep the button from pushing off the pin. Push the pin into the Styrofoam cone and continue covering the entire cone, overlapping buttons throughout. Make sure to fill in some of the empty spaces with just pins and beads. I also had to use a hot glue gun when I was finished to attach my fancy buttons on the top and secure a few of the thicker buttons where the pin didn't seem long enough. I think it turned our really well and it gave Emma and I some quality bonding time.

Until Josie's hand surgery on 12/18, I want to do a weekly series featuring holiday craft projects. I've got a zillion craft projects started and can't wait to share them with others. With the rate I've been going lately, I might even be able to share at least two new craft projects a week. What special holiday craft projects do you have underway at your household?

Barb and Buffi, I know you have some lovely advent trees that you've hand-designed and I can't wait to see pictures on your blogs. I'd love to hear from other folks too. If you try your hand at this button tree, let me know how it turns out. Be sure to check back often for new holiday craft project ideas. Happy crafting!


Shanna said...

That is really beautiful! AND it looks easy. Okay, I can do this one. My girls will love it :)

The new blog look is great! I LOVE your idea with the holiday craft series. I can't wait to see the next one.

Kay Bratt said...

Love it!

redmaryjanes said...

Those trees are darling! You are so crafty! I'll be seeing you soon.

Robin Miller said...

We're in the middle of decorating our house, but I just had to stop and see your new "look." I love it!
Halie and I will definitely be trying this out! I'm not crafty by any means, but I think we can do this one. You're right---great for bonding with the big girl. Who knows---I might even try miniature ones with my first graders at school!
Hope Chris is better.:)
Love and hugs and Merry Christmas!

The Young's said...

OH...I can't wait to try this. It looks like a lot of fun!! Silas and Sadie and me need some activities during the day. This one might be a good one to try!! :) It is SO cute!!!! I really want to be more crafty. It's so great that you are!!! LOVE your new blog look!!! I need to do a new one...I'm just too lazy to do it. Thanks for sharing your idea!!! Hope everyone is feeling better and having a wonderful weekend!!!! Love ya,

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you for the weather heads up. I am flying to Cincinnati tomorrow at 7am. Hopefully my flight won't be canceled.

Nikki said...

Love the new series.
You're so creative. The trees are adorable.
Sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving plans being shot, but at least you were all together and safe and sound at home.
Looking forward to the next craft installment :)

Blair said...

You amaze me! Thanks for sharing your craft ideas! My daughter, Connelly, loves to create! I may try the button tree. It's beautiful! I'll be praying for Josie's surgery on December 18. We are waiting for a boy from China and hope to travel around February. He has six toes on each foot and I'm sure will have surgery when we return.

Blair Miller