November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Back-up Plans

We never made it to Detroit. Here's a hint why...

Earlier in the week, Emma came down with the stomach flu. She was miserable. Luckily it only lasted 36 hours. This morning, Chris woke up feeling less than ideal. Our car was packed and he was determined we were driving to Detroit to be with family. We made two attempts to get out of the city before he finally gave into his sickness.

My dear sweet husband has spent the day in the bedroom (or the bathroom) while us girls' had our own little Thanksgiving feast. I love the fact that our Meijer store is open today. I was able to pick up all the ingredients (minus a turkey).

Despite the less-than-ideal holiday, I feel so blessed to have my two girls with me.

Beginning Saturday, I'm starting something new on my blog. Be sure to check back. I can't wait to unveil a new look and my new series.


Robin Miller said...

Oh, my goodness! I am so, so sorry that you guys were not able to visit the Kenward family. I know how disappointed you must be, but I'm glad the sickness came on Chris before you started your long journey. As you know, all in my house except Gracie had the stomach bug and my heart goes out to anyone who has that misfortune.
Happy Thanksgiving, Kim! I am thankful for you!

Shanna said...

That is just terrible. I know the family must have been so disappointed to miss seeing all y'all.
So sorry for Chris. Stomach bugs are the worst!! I hope he is feeling better.
The girls looked quite happy with the last minute feast you prepared. Great job Kim!
Hugs to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry you missed your Thanksgiving trip. I hope Chris feels better soon!


Truly Blessed! said...

SO sorry that your plans had to be changed last minute -- hopeful that Chris is feeling better now.

We had a similar Easter Sunday -- plans to go out for a fancy dinner, but my DH ended up in the ER with a kidney stone and had emergency surgery that day. Meijer to the rescue! The kids and I enjoyed a quickly prepared Easter dinner while daddy was recuperating!

Next year will be better!

Angela said...

All I can say is that enough rum and coke and you can keep the "runs" at bay in any country! My heart to your family, and best well wishes!


Steffie B. said...

Oh you poor girl....but you said have your two girls and what could have made that any better? ;) Hope Chris is now on the up-swing.....Hugs.... S*