November 8, 2008

National Adoption Awareness Month Part 2

Our family is sponsoring a little girl in China to remain in the Bamboo Babies Foster Care Program. I would have never known about this program unless Kay Bratt (author of Silent Tears) would have written about it on her blog.

Emma has already decided that we need adopt this little girl (she's a heart baby too). We're not adopting again, but we're happy to provide an orphan with an opportunity to live in a foster setting until she is adopted by a family.

For as little as $35 a month,
you can make a difference in the life of a child--

Pearl River Outreach has three foster care programs in China:
1) Zhanjiang, Guangdong,
2) Changsha, Hunan, and
3) Hengshan, Hunan.
If you choose to sponsor a child, you will receive quarterly updates containing a picture and brief update as to how your child is doing. Pearl River Outreach Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Therefore your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your sponsorship goes directly to the care of the child you are sponsoring.

Your donation provides a child with:
a safe place to live
a loving family environment
nutrition, such as vitamins, formula,
food supplements & clothing

To Learn More:

Next year, we've decided that our Halloween party is going to be a fundraiser for Pearl River Outreach. Party attendees can give as little, or as much as they want. Shanna Brown inspired me with her Haunt with a Heart Halloween party in which they raised funds for Love without Boundaries and we'd like to do the same thing next year for this worthy organization. It's amazing how the experience of going through an adoption can open your heart and your mind.


Shanna said...

Love your new blog banner and look Kim!
Bamboo Babies ROCK! I too am so grateful to Kay Bratt for introducing us to sweet little "Chase".
With the huge turn out that you have for your Halloween parties, you should be able to raise an amazing amount of money for the many Chinese children in need.
I can't wait til next Halloween!!
Hugs to you my dear friend~

Blair said...

I feel like I know you. I am Robin Miller's sister-in-law. I love your blog and that you are promoting National Adoption Awareness Month. We have a two biological children, a daughter from China who is five and we are in the process of adopting a SN son from China. We have received our PA and waiting on our LOA. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself.


悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...
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Mike and Barb said...

Kim, you just have a heart of gold, my friend!!
Love, Barb