August 26, 2009

Lefty or Righty?

I'm feeling nostalgic this week about Josie's special needs and how far she's come since her surgeries. I'm blaming Kimberely for it (congratulations on a great heart appt for Sophia) and Karin (I just love your generosity and all the adventures of your special kiddos).

We're seeing a switch again between which hand Josie is using. After her corrective surgery on her right hand back in December, she stopped using her right hand for most fine motor skills. Forced to be in a cast for nearly five weeks, we weren't surprised.

I was fairly certain that we now had a lefty in the house. Not so. She's now back to being fairly ambidextrous. The mystery of the dominate hand continues.

Her surgery scar has really faded. Without looking back at her hand pictures, I tend to forget that she even had a special extra thumb.

I'm so glad to have all our major medical issues behind us. Years down the road, she'll need a valve replacement but it's nothing that we are obsessing over at the moment.

When I think back to everything we went through our first year home with Josie (MAJOR open heart surgery and then hand surgery) I'm surprised she's as well adjusted as she is. We love you, sweetie and you are an amazing little miracle!!


Shanna said...

Great post! She is an amazing little girl! And, if I were to bet on it.... I think she will eventually be a righty, but also very good with her left hand.

redmaryjanes said...

Sophia is going back and forth now too. My oldest two are right handed, Eli is a lefty and Sophia undecided.
I think that she will really blossom this next year. All of her surgeries are behind her and she can just be a fun loving little kid.

Karin said...

What a sweetheart! I didn't know about her hand. What a trouper to have gone through all of that in one year. She is amazing and she has a wonderful Mama to help her through it all. :)

Zoey uses both hands, too, so we are perplexed. :)

Anonymous said...

Tori can't decide, either. She eats with her left and writes with her right!

Josie is amazing (and her family is, too!) She and all of you really faced her surgeries and recovery head on. God knew exactly which family Josie needed and which family needed her.

Thank you for sharing with your fans all of your musings from the heart. (And your crafty ones, too!)

Much love from your East TN fan,
By the way, did Emma and Josie check out the American Girl books at McDonalds? The "crafts" in them are too young for Emma, but Josie will like doing them with big sis.

~verna said...

Here is what one of the medical personnel did to find our Noah's dominant hand. Use a toilet paper roll or rolled up paper as a telescope. Have your child put it up to their eye. Whichever eye they use is probably the dominant side. OK, now for Noah, he put it above his nose, so I still don't know!! I think he is a lefty being forced to be a righty. He kicks with his left foot and leads on the stairs with his left foot. There is our story!

Mike and Barb said...

You guys HAVE come a long, long ways, and traveled a road that was not easy. But looking at that happy little face makes those memories fade, doesn't it!
Love, Barb