August 6, 2009

Tuesday Night & Tissue Paper

The Frederik Meijer Gardens Tuesday evening outdoor music club has started back at up again. Being members has its privileges!! We packed a picnic basket and headed to the amphitheater to meet friends.

I could easily do this again. Nothing like extending the summer as long as possible!!

Emma brought her best friend and the two of them explored the gardens while Josie got her groove on with several other little people. I'm in denial that it is August already. Where has this summer gone?

Now, onto tissue paper...

You know me. Any chance to do a craft and I’m all over it. I’m putting my Chinese fan appetizer plates to good use this coming weekend (yippee). We’re hosting a birthday party for my Mom. Last weekend, I decided I need to figure out a way to hide the dowel rod that my paper lanterns were hanging from and thought of tissue paper flowers that are often featured on Martha Stewart’s website.

Emma made her own version which will be used to decorate my mom’s upcoming birthday presents. (Mom - Pretend to be surprised when you come on Sunday)

These flowers would also be fun to use at a outdoor picnic or Hawaiian themed party. The hardest part of this craft is unfolding the tissue paper so that it doesn’t tear.

tissue paper
dental floss

Step 1. Layer four pieces of tissue paper together measuring at 2 1/4" by 3 1/2". Use bigger measurements for larger flowers. You can even use bigger pieces and more layers of tissue paper for bigger flowers. Fold together using an accordion fold.

Step 2. When you're finished with the accordion fold, pinch together and place on its side and cut two slits in the center of the accordion fold. With your dental floss, tie a knot around the center of the tissue where you made the slits.

Step 3. Round each end cutting through all the layers.

Step 4. Now unfold the layers of tissue paper. Pull the first layer up. Begin to peel all four layers apart Now peel all the layers from the other side.

I ended up making about 20 flowers and I really like how they are now covering up the dowel rod.

As Martha would say..."now that's a good thing…"


Karin said...

Those are soooo pretty! You are amazing!

BTW, I am SO missing Meijer grocery store. wah...

Courtney said...

Those flowers are beautiful. Looks like you guys had a great time with your picnic!

Shanna said...

OMG!! I never dreamed that you could make those lanterns look any more beautiful than they already are! So pretty!
Fun picnic in the park! Way to enjoy these last days of summer :)

Buffi said...

once again're amazing! LOVE the craft.

Sorry I'm so behind. Life has been SO CRAZY. With all 3 kiddos starting school, I am a bit overwhelmed. Anyway...I'm keeping up...just not always commenting. Miss you and excited about all that is going on with you! Have a great weekend
love ya,