May 19, 2011

Dental Delays....

We drove all the way to Holland to find out that Josie's pediatric dentist was "sick" and canceled our 2:15 appt. They left a message on our home phone this morning. Not helpful when both of us were at work...sigh. To top it off, the earliest the dentist is available for a reschedule is July 6th. We've asked to be put on a cancellation list. When we see Josie sticking her fingers into her mouth because her teeth hurt, this is a bit ridiculous to wait that many more weeks to get back into the specialist. I just want her root canal and multiple cavities finally taken care of.

We decided that while we were out of town and near a Lowe's, to stop and pick up the paint for the treehouse and shelf corner brackets.

I will be updating the blog with long-over due treehouse construction updates Saturday morning. I've promised Chris I'd wait to post more pictures until he had more of the loft finished.

Thank you for all your concerns, prayers and well wishes regarding Josie.
They were so appreciated!!!!


Lee said...

Oh, rats! Ready to dance and get this over and no one to dance with-LOL
I hope they can find a time to fit Josie in....and hope she doesn't have any problems before then.
Looking forward to seeing new treehouse pictures!

My Vintage Mending said...

Poor Miss Josie. Extra hugs and dose of tylenol. Nothing like preparing for a no show. Keep me posted...smiles...Renee

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

What a brave sweetie pie!! Hopefully they'll get her in much much sooner. She looks so happy in that pic'd never know here teeth were bothering her :0)

Jodee said...

That totally stinks! I hope she gets in sooner than July 6. The poor little thing!

vivian said...

thats too bad that she has to wait! poor thing. I'm way behind in blogging. hoping that I'll get caught up over the weekend. But I've got to get my house cleaned first!! You have a big party this weekend right. so have a good time and take pics for us. I know you will!!
sweet dreams

Jodi said...

ohhh man! poor girl!! Will be praying for another appointment sooner! Love to y'all!

Life in Rehab said...

Oh, God, poor baby! How can they make her wait so long when they cancelled???

I feel extra lucky that we haven't had a single cavity here now.