May 1, 2011

Upcoming Celebrations!

So May is officially here and it's time for blog make-over!

I'm starting to plan the girls' upcoming birthdays.

I’m noticing that my life, crafting projects (and BLOG TOPICS) are organized around holidays & parties…guess that’s not all bad. Who doesn't love to decorate and throw a fun get-together? The “girls” (me included) all celebrate birthdays within nearly month of each other…starting with Emma’s on May 17th, mine on May 24th and Josie's on June 10th. While we're talking about celebrations, we also have our 19th wedding anniversary at the end of this month and Mother's day next Sunday. Yep. It's an expensive month for Chris.

For her 13th birthday, Emma has requested a Justin Bieber party. Perhaps, we'll be playing pin-the-hair on Justin Bieber!!

And Josie has requested a super hero party for her 5th birthday (I'm sure that's not a real surprise based on last Halloween's costume and her recent visit with a real bat mobile)

Chris is thinking the treehouse might end up become a temporary batcave during her birthday party.

If you'd like to see pictures and decorating ideas from Emma's Paris-themed birthday party last year, here's a photo album filled with some of my favorite party decor pictures.

Emma's Paris Party

Josie had a rainbow-themed birthday last year. Photos and decorating ideas can be found in this album.

Josie's Rainbow Party

You can bet my sunroom tree will be getting a Justin Bieber makeover.

Stay tuned and party ON!
Happy May!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

You are amazing!!! Love the new blog header and all of your party inspiration. Josie looks so cute in he bat girl costume!

vivian said...

lucky girls! I always had a blast planning birthday parties. I figure with 4 kids that Ive planned at least 10 to 12 parties a piece. some didnt have actual themes.. but some did. We did a soccor party that took place on an actual soccor field and the kids played soccor. (they were mostly all soccor players) we did barbie doll parties.. craft partys, circus parties.. one year Jennifer had a jennifer party! There were five jennifers and a jeanna at her party! Weve done halloween parties, beach partys, christmas crafting parties and who can remember what else.. I wish I had been smart enought to keep a little book and take lots of party pictures.. but I never was much of a picture taker until I started blogging!! (duh! dumb me!)
anyways.. have a great sunday! I'm on call for CPS and have to go out to three homes then I'm running to homedepot to get some pots to transplant some plants in!
have a great day

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Lots of fun events to look forward to and to plan. It will be great for us to follow along with you through all of these celebrations. I am looking forward to the Justin Bever tree!

Pam said...

Josie's batman costume cracks me up. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Your header is very cute! And your children are very lucky that they get such creative birthday parties! Our daughter's three birthdays have all had the princess theme. Get the feeling, for her fourth, I need to change it up a tad?!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Oh my goodness I definitely laughed out loud at your pin the hair on Justin Beiber comment hahahahaha. I so love you :0)

My Vintage Mending said...

My reader is all messed up again. I new I was missing something. Can that bat girl be cuter? 13 is such a fun age. Mine will be 15 on the 15th. My mom has a May 12th. Mother's day thrown in for a mere 24 hours. Followed by a full week of teacher appreciation, school ending, and our 16th anniversary on Josie's Birthday. Lucky girl! Ha! I am not a fan of May. Seems they are playing a joke on moms to see if she can handle it. Love the new header. Bat cave genius...smiles..Renee

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Having kids at home is definitely the BEST! I sure do miss mine now that they are grown up and live far far away! Enjoy your week and all of your fun! LOVE your new banner! ♥

Jodee said...

Whoooo hoooo! Bring on the parties! We are getting geared up too! In fact, I just priced turf for Carson's NFL party and I am still buying terracotta pots for the upcoming daisy party! I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!