February 16, 2010

Construction updates...

Wednesday marks two weeks of construction.
That's two weeks of chaos and living in dust and weird glue smells. Seriously, you should see the dust. I dust everything down each night and the next day it's back again.

That's also two weeks of construction workers showing up each morning at 6:45am.
Heck, we consider them part of the family now!!

They are nothing short of amazing.
Be sure to click on the collages to enlarge.

After today, our construction family won't be back again for another 2 weeks. We're waiting for the zillion cupboard doors for all our built-ins to arrive. Until then, we're hoping our flooring guy can get started next week.

Have I said how spoiled I am because my craft room construction is done??

It's my new favorite sanctuary.

I just love staring at all my craft supplies in their colorful containers.

I especially love seeing my two girls crafting away.

Life is good, even if it's a bit dusty right now...


Cindy said...

You mean you don't like dust? I am shocked! Ha!Ha! I have given up on fighting our dust for a couple of days. I swept yesterday, but I didn't have it in me to take my trusty hand Swiffer and fight that battle. . . It's back the next day! So, this weekend our house is getting a good dusting and scrub!

Yes, I would live in that lovely craft room sanctuary!

Have a great Wednesday!

PandaMom said...

Your craft room is just so darling! Can't wait to see the whole shebang when all is said and done!! ; )

Courtney said...

Your craft room looks great. At least you have someplace to escape to!

Nikki said...

LOVING the craft room.
The rest looks great too. I'm sure you can't wait for it all to be finished. We lived for 10 YEARS amidst construction mess from one project or another!!
Can't wait to see Emma's room done, I bet she's soooo excited!

Angela said...

Looking fabulous! I'm actually impressed with how much work was accomplished!