February 23, 2010

I'm dreaming of April....

It was snowing so hard Monday morning, that I had to brush off the minivan 3 times before I left for work.

I can't wait until we can get our garage back from the construction crew. We're so very close now. We might actually be ready for flooring by early next week! I promise to post pictures of our progress in a few days. Emma picked out her new bedding over the weekend and she's very excited to show it off. Josie is still clueless that her bed bunk partner is going to be leaving her room and I'm not looking forward to that transition.

Back to my reference to April...I picked this up at the grocery store last Thursday and fell in love.

I even made Chris thumb through it. I have several thrifting, antique and decorating blogs I regularly stalk and they've mentioned how much they have enjoyed this new publication. Since the demise of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, I continue to be on the search for my next favorite publication.

Flipping through this magazine makes me think of MUCH warmer weather and my monthly tradition with my mother and sister at the outdoor Allegan Antique Market. Allegan starts back up again in April!!

Come on April! I'm sooooo ready for the HUNT!!


~~吳大娘 - 吳懿恩, 吳懿倖和吳勇樂的母亲大人~~ said...

Hi Kim,

Chance upon your blog by chance and I love it on first read :)

Love your craft room, love all your crafts, love how you adore your family ..

I'm looking forward to April too coz it's my Birthday Month ..

Hope your house construction will be over soon and you will have a lovely house ..

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Ok.. snow is not my fav... maybe that is why I love AZ....
you are always thinking of something new.. you are amazing..
have a great week.hugs..

Sarah and Jack said...

I t hink this weekend we might go down to nashville to hit their big flea, even though it will be chilly still. I need some adventure!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Sorry about the snow! We are hearing reports HERE of the possibility tomorrow. Do you know how weird that is for my neck of the woods? I can only imagine Spring is not that close for you! Sorry!!! I think I may wither away if the SUN does not come back out … I know I am whining but I love the sun and warm weather!

As for the frozen hot chocolate, YUMMYYYY! Gotta try that! I wish too I could come junktique shopping with you. We have some neat places here too, but I am not that motivated and never find stuff like you do!

Hope Josie and all of your family is doing well!

BTW, did anyone waiting to bring home a DD with TOF and an extra digit contact you? I gave her your blog address; I hope she did b/c I know you would be such an encouragement to her! This is her first child.


Colleen said...

I am so over the snow!!! I can't wait to see my lawn again...I long for the little buds on the tree's...is it almost time???? I really dislike winter : ( I get so grumpy!

Nikki said...

Yeah, I feel your pain.
I'm totally going to pick up that magazine to add to my collection. And don't be surprised if you see me at the antique market one of these days!! :)

Mike and Barb said...

I want that type writer!!!!!!!!!!
Your house is going to be lovely, just hang in there!