February 23, 2010

Wait for it!!!!

I came home from work to find my washing machine in the middle of my kitchen.

Gotta love a home remodeling project that literally invades my ENTIRE HOUSE!!!

Despite the chaos, the weird paint smells, and the constant dust, the project is coming together nicely.

Just check out my mudroom.

Here's a shot of the laundry room.

A sneak peek of Emma's bed quilt.

Although you can't see it from the packaging, her quilt has a very pale purple pattern running through it. She's chosen a coordinating purple for her walls.

We're still waiting for the cupboard doors for her built-ins, so Chris will start with painting her ceiling and walls in the next few days. It's hard to be patient.


Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

wow!!! what cool additions going on over there!!! Can't wait to see everything done! I understand the dust... we finished our basements after we moved in and we are always doing other projects that seem to create soooo much dust!!! Really great about your craft room!!! its beautiful!!!

Karin said...

Ohhhhh...it looks fabulous!!! You need to do a before and after floorplan so we can see what was done.

I LOVE your mudroom!!!