July 15, 2010

Hotel Fun Continued...

For all my higher education colleagues, here is fuzzy cell phone proof that I'm actually working at Bb World 2010.

While I was busy attending conference sessions, Emma taught Josie how to swim underwater (without her life jacket).

It helps that the air temperature is in the 90s and the hotel pool is 85 degrees. Way to go, Josie and Emma!

Our hotel also sports an indoor miniature golf course and several waterfalls.

You couldn't ask for a prettier hotel setting.

My work obligations end Friday at 12noon and then we're heading to the Magic Kingdom. On Saturday we drive to GA to visit dear adoptive friends! Bring on more sweaty fun!!


Sarah said...

It is like you are back at the white swan!

Kim said...

Love it..
Can't wait to see more pictures..
Say hello to your GA Mama...
Have a great time.. I know you will..

Mike and Barb said...

This certainly looks like the most fun "work trip" anyone could wish for! Love it!

Jboo said...

What a great hotel! That looks like so much fun! Love the photos! Enjoy your weekend!


Ashton said...

Sounds like tons of fun!