July 6, 2010

So fast...you didn't even know I was gone!

On Wednesday, my work sent me to the lovely Traverse city area to teach at our northern college campus.

As a bonus, their Cherry Festival is going strong.

Of course, I brought the family.

Emma and I enjoyed haunting a favorite antique store.

And Chris won Josie a LARGE batman at the carnival.

Who says you can't mix work with pleasure?


PandaMom said...

VERY fun! Those cherries look so, so fresh! ; )

Courtney said...

You can totally celebrate National Chocolate Day today! What a fun trip! Those cherries look so yummy. Did you buy any to make something yummy.

Lee said...

I stopped downtown TC today and it was a zoo-no parking to be found. So we went on the Suttons Bay. Do tell which TC shop is your favorite...always ready to try something new!
I'll be glad when the Cherry Festival is over-and crowds are more manageable-I am getting too old to enjoy it!
Glad you had a good time even though it was work related!
Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Fun Fun..
but you are always having fun..
Love ya..

Karin said...

Oh wow...I LOVE cherries!!! I am so jealous! :) There is nothing like Michigan cherries. Looks like tons of fun!