July 27, 2010

Getting back to normal...

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed all our sweaty adventures in FL and GA, it's good to be home again. We really missed our kitty (thank you Aunt Jean and Aunt Marion for taking such good care of our Penny). I'm not sure how much she missed Josie's LOVE but we certainly missed our furry family member.

Emma has been enjoying the company of her best friend and catching up on the latest happenings.

Josie is trying to get into a groove with sleeping ALONE in her own bedroom again. For the past couple of weeks she had gotten used to sharing a bed with her big sister or Mommy & Daddy and she's been having major crying fits before bed and then throughout the night. Gotta love separation anxiety!

However, you know things are getting back to normal, when I can sneak off with my mom and sister to the monthly Allegan Antique Market. Woo hoo!!

I picked up a few bottles...one of them is in the shape of clock. I'm hoping to turn a few of them into Halloween potion bottles.

I also found a few toys which I'm going to give makeovers for Halloween. I might frame the Casper board game or display it on my fireplace mantle. The dolls are going to be turned into little witches.

I just loved the graphics on the bead box and have it displayed in my craft room.

The girls regularly use my record player in my craft room so I couldn't pass up the Frances and Frog & Toad albums at 50 cents. I hope you are enjoying all that summer has to offer. I can't believe it's nearly August.


Jodee Leader said...

I agree -- there is no place like home!

Isn't it about time to start thinking about Halloween? I am heading over to Etsy soon to look for costumes! Bring on the Halloween parties too!

Jodi said...

Glad you are back!!
Poor Josie - Jorja had to go to bed early the other night - she was pretty upset to be in her room all by herself. There really is safety in numbers! :)

Love all your wonderful finds! My kids are going to be so jealous of your Haunted House this year! Fun! Fun!!!

Courtney said...

Glad you are home and settling back in. I can't believe it is almost August. I start back to school meetings in two weeks and the kids start 3 weeks from tomorrow. CRAZY!

Lee said...

It is so good to be surrounded by home once again. I was away for almost two weeks and find that I like home best!
Loved seeing your newest finds~always fun to find the unsual and turn them into something you can imagine.
I missed reading your blog~hope to catch up with my blogging soon.

Nikki said...

Welcome Home!!
I think I'd LOVE that antique market. I see it advertised in the paper here, and am so tempted to drive there someday!