July 11, 2010

Next stop...ORLANDO!

The next time you'll be hearing from me, we'll be in Orlando.

Here's to hoping for an easy flight and arrival to our hotel/conference center.


Cindy said...

have a wonderful trip.

Lee said...

I look forward to hearing about this adventure! Enjoy!
I'll be in Seattle for the next week so will be out of touch.
'See' you in eight days!

Cindy said...

Have a safe trip! When are you going to be in Georgia? If we are back from Myrtle Beach (17th-24th), and your friend lives close enough, maybe we can meet up!

Yes, it was like a furnace in Orlando. Freeze some water bottles before and take with you into Universal. This was a life saver in Disney while braving the temps. Have a great time!

Wow! I wish we had a cherry fest here. I love fresh cherries!

Yes, I am really behind on our posting. The kids and I are going with Chris to Nashville on Wed., and I hope to get caught up. It has been so busy around here, I hardly have time to breathe!

Be safe and stay cool in Orlando.
P.S. I missed you, too!

Staci said...

Have a great time!!! Can't wait to see pictures!

Kim said...

Safe travels.. and have FUN..
But I know you will have fun..