July 22, 2008

Josie's first babysitter

I'm happy to report that Josie did very well with her first babysitting experience (Daddy had to drive Mommy to a medical procedure). There were no tears. Just a kiss and a wave goodbye. It helped that big sister stayed behind to assist in the babsitting duties with our official babysitter. Josie even took a nap in our absence! Perhaps her daycare transition in August will actually go much smoother than I expected. Perhaps the Mommy and Daddy can now go out to eat dinner at one of our favorite tapas restaurant again and enjoy an adult dinner.

I spent the afternoon sleeping off my happy drugs and the girls washed cars with Daddy.

I've found the answer to keeping Josie from messing around with her knee scabs. Fancy band-aids! We haven't had to worry about fancy band-aids in a very long time (they aren't cool on a 10 year old anymore). Josie was so thrilled with her "hello kitty" band-aid, that she had to show it off to our cat, Penny.


Steffie B. said...

Glad she did well....Sophia did too....however, it helped that big sis was there! ;)

What's up with you? Email me!

The Young's said...

OH MAN...the kids DO LOVE those fancy band aids, don't they?!?! It's amazing!!! Glad you figured that out.

And SO glad you guys found a sitter and that the girls did well. It is SO IMPORTANT that you guys still have your time alone!! Mark and I don't get it as often as we'd like...but OH MY...it is SO important!!! Go out and see a great movie!! :) Have a wonderful week!
Love ya,

Nikki said...

Mom and Dad: RUN!! Get whatever time you can while you can :)
So glad to hear that babysitter is A-OK.
And yet, fancy band-aids are ALL the rage :)

Crazy Mama said...

Great for you and the kids! I'm glad your day went as well as possible. Now, go treat yourself to that great tapas dinner.....without children.
Band aids with cute designs have always worked for my girls, but Kai will have NOTHING to do with them. He won't leave scabs alone for a second either. Glad to hear that you found success with them for Josie =D

Cindy said...

Bandaids are a favorite at our house also. I should have bought stocks in them when it first came out. Every five seconds Malia is changing her bandaid even if there is nothing wrong now she has Ava hooked.

Hope all is well.
Love the new look on your blog.