July 21, 2008

Traveling School

Over the weekend, we traveled around the state to attend a family reunion and then visit my sister and her family at their rental cottage. For the most part, Josie is a horrible traveler. She fusses in her carseat if the ride is any longer than fifteen minutes and she refuses to nap. Emma decided to take this opportunity to work with Josie on her animal sounds and body parts while we traveled to one of our many adventures.

I knew that the age difference (8 years) would have it's advantages and disadvantages. Right now, we're enjoying how much Emma is exploring her role as teacher.

Enjoy the short video that Emma shot:


Crazy Mama said...

How funny! Looks just like a trip in our car. Thank goodness for older siblings. Josie says "more" just like Chloe. Everything is "more" these days, huh.
Emma is doing a stellar job teaching Josie new things!
Great video, keep them coming.

The Young's said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they learn those things?!?! We played that game with Sadie a lot at first and I could not believe how much she knew so fast!!

Emma is doing a FANTASTIC job....she reminds me SO MUCH of Sophie and YES...it is a huge help WHEN THEY WANT TO BE!!! I don't know what I'd do without Sophie...she is wonderful with the kids...MOST of the time!! :)

Hope you guys have a GREAT day!!!
Love ya,

Nikki said...

Good job Emma!
Josie sure is taking it all in, isn't she? She's one smart cookie.
Love all the videos and pictures--soooo entertaining!


adorable ...My Jeremiah is 10 and is such a big helper ... She is doing so well ... I love the "Cow goes MOOOO" ... Maggie is really good at her Lion roar here ...

Steffie B. said...

She is doing great! Yes, there are advantages with having at Emma////at this point...now when she gets to be a teenager, Josie will be telling you to "relax" and "chill"! lol

Have a great day.....

Caroline said...

Nora and Lyssa are doing the same thing! How awesome that you have it on video. Its wonderful to see how loving your girls are together!xoxo, Caroline

Mike and Barb said...

How cute is that!! You have one smart little cookie on your hands!
Good job, big sis!
Love, Barb