July 7, 2008

Loving the part-time schedule

To help ease the transition for Josie, I'm working 20 hours during the month of June and July. I can't say it enough...I LOVE this reduced schedule. Chris has always had his summer's off from the school system and he's always been willing to take Emma on all kinds of day trips while I worked. Today we took advantage of my day off and took a quick trip to the zoo before the rain hit.

Our local zoo has really grown and our favorite exhibits are the ones in which you can interact with the animals. Today we got to feed the birds as well as the stingrays. Emma wasn't too sure about touching the stingrays and Josie wasn't too keen on the birds, but the Mom totally enjoyed everything.


Katie said...

Ah! You were at the zoo today? Did you see a bunch of little kids in blue t-shirts!? The girls daycare was supposed to go today as well (not sure they did with the weather that was coming).

The Young's said...

I know you are THRILLED to have the great hours this summer. That is EXCELLENT for your transition. Looks like the zoo was a lot of fun!!! It is so good for the kids to do stuff like that!! :) Thanks for sharing your special day with us. I've got to get on the ball and blog!! I've really been slacking!!! Have a great week!

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, the Zoo - how fun! Our last zoo visit was in Guangzhou a year ago :-).
Hopefully "part-time forever" will be an option for you in the future!
Love, Barb