July 24, 2008


My blogging friends know that I've often confided in you about our ongoing sleep issues since our adoption. We go two steps forward, and then two steps backwards on a regular basis at our house with Josie's sleeping patterns. Since I've gone back to work, my husband has become the expert at putting Josie down for her afternoon naps or at bedtime. He can be and out of her bedroom in 20 minutes (she still requires us to lay with her until she falls asleep) whereas it takes me 60 minutes or longer to get her to sleep. It's still not uncommon to have night terrors 2-3 times a week where she's up for hours crying during the night. Despite my complaints, she's no longer in our room at night...she's in her own room (with Emma) on a mattress on the floor.

Believe me...I've never enjoyed coffee in the morning as much as I enjoy it after our return home from China. It's the only thing that gets me up and going after a wicked night's sleep.

My husband is going out of town soon for several days. It will be the first time I've been alone overnight with the girls' since the adoption. I'm asking my friends and family to say a few extra prayers while he is away.


Mike and Barb said...

Oh, your blog looks so summery and friendly!
Oh, the sleep....
Do you have a post-adoption dept in your agency, or an adoption clinic you can ask about Josie's sleep?
Nina slept like a rock pretty much from the get-go, so I'm so no help *sigh*
Love, Barb

Crazy Mama said...

Blog looks GREAT! You always inspire me to make mine better!
Going on very little sleep is almost as bad as having the flu. After my ordeal with Lola last night, I have true heartfelt emotion for you :o( I forgot how long a night can really be when you are hoping that your child will fall back to sleep.
Lola is sticking styrofoam in her ears at this very moment. Her obsession is becoming a real problem. Oh, the joys of parenthood.

Nikki said...

Ugh, separation is the worst, isn't it? I remember Lili asking me EVERY 5 MINUTES where Daddy was when Jeff had to go out of town. She did sleep well, though, so unfortunately I don't have any words of wisdom on that. Sorry to hear you're still suffering through the sleep issues. :(

By the way I LOVE the new look of the blog! Soooo cute!

Hang in there Kim.

The Young's said...

What a fun new blog look!!! How cool!! Yes...the sleep is awesome. We will definitely be praying that it continues while your hubby is gone. There is another blog that I watch regularly...and he daughter has had sleep issues too...and continues to have them. Their link is :
She has an excellent article up right now on trauma. it was a blessing for me to read. She is a very smart and wise lady too...I bet you could email her and ask her about any suggestions.

What we did was lay down with Sadie...read a book...say prayers and then when all that was finished, I would say "Sadie...mommy is going to stay in here with you for 5 more minutes. Then mommy is going to go into her bathroom and take a bath". She understood that and accepted it, and has done wonderfully ever since. I think the fact that she KNEW where I was going when I left and that I would see her in the morning was HUGE. Maybe that will help?!?! It did for us!!

Have a great weekend!!
love ya,

Anonymous said...

I will pray for you Kim! You are going to be fine

Meizhi's Mom said...

Oh I remember those days...and we still have lots of them. I like the new blog. Quite girly. Meizhi would approve! The sleep thing gets better...honest it does. Just takes time. And I hear ya on the coffee thing!