July 13, 2008

Lesson Learned

We've learned an important lesson regarding Josie. NEVER EVER reposition her on her bed after she's been sleeping. We should have known better based on our history together after we first came home from China and the three months since then. Let me set the stage. Chris and I stayed up late watching SNL (which we never do anymore) and then right before we went to bed, checked on the girls. Emma was peacefully asleep on her bed, and Josie was sideways and without covers. We thought Josie needed to be repositioned on her mattress and covered back up. BIG MISTAKE. Between 1am and 3:30am she was wide awake. I took the first shift (1am - 2:15am) and then Chris took over, where she finally gave in and slept again. Lesson learned.

Today's pictures were taken before mass. The girls got their matching ladybug dresses in China. Emma will be retiring this dress after today. She's grown quite a bit since March and informed me several times how "tight" the dress felt. The mom appreciates the effort of wearing the dress. Thanks, Emma.



yeah, you have a blog now ... love it ... Now sister, you should have known better than to move a sleeping child ... Maggie sleeps sideways every night w/ her legs hanging off and i just pray each night she doesn't slide off the bed ... lol ...

could this be the title to the next book ..."Lesson Learned" ... I am sure we could all share and laugh in the things we have learned parenting God's precious angels ..

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, the girls look beautiful!!
And yes, we all have to learn those lessons, don't we :-)
Love, Barb

The Young's said...

ooh...very important lesson!! My grandmother thinks I'm crazy for leaving our kiddos alone when they are sleeping...but I TOTALLY value our sleep time. I figure if they are miserable...they'll wake up and let us know!!! :)

GREAT pics of the girls too!! I LOVE THEM!!! Gotta run. Have a GREAT week!

Panda-Mom said...

Nice you meet you!!!! Now I have faces with the name! ; )