September 1, 2008

And... we're off....kinda

Today was the official start of school. The day started at 6am with coffee and morning showers, followed by kid wake up duty. Breakfasts were consumed, lunches were packed and outfits were carefully picked out in the hopes of impressing fifth grade classmates. Welcome to the back-to-school race. Is it too soon to say that I'm already missing the lazy days of summer?

PS. Josie is actually staying home with Mom today. She went to the doctor's on Friday with Chris and has been on medication for the last 4 days, but she's still running a high fever and has a nasty chest cold. Looks like another trip to the doctor's office today. Yippee.

PSS. Here's the update from the trip to the doctor's office, Josie has pneumonia and will be on breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. Her right lung is full of junk (which explains her continued high fever and nasty cough). The timing stinks. Chris is back to work this week and I'm still in crazy start-up mode at the University. Ah...the joys of DAYCARE GERMS!!


Nikki said...

Tell Emma she looks adorable (or cool, or whatever she's going for!!) She's dressed to impress :)
Sorry Josie's under the weather. Enjoy your day at home with her.
Summer's really over, huh? sigh....

The Young's said...

Emma looks SO CUTE in her back to school outfit. She looks like a dancer....does she take dance? Just curious! She's build like one!!!

I am sorry that Josie has been feeling bad. It is NEVER FUN when little ones are sick. Sadie's had the "crud" the last week...with sinus and congestion issues. She does not like it either!!!

I hope everyone has a good week and stays well!!! We're praying for you guys!!!! Enjoy the first week of school!!!!

Crazy Mama said...

Oh NO! Poor Josie. I hope she feels well soon. We have all been dealing with the "creepy cruds" around here too. No high fevers, but plenty of coughs and sneezes. Drat. It does seem to happen every year the first week or two after school starts back. Keep us updated on Miss J's recovery.
Emma picked a great outfit :) I hope her day went well!

Cammie said...

Looks like we are in the same boat...kinda...we have a 2 1/2 year old adopted from China Very different worlds! I tell my friends that we live in 'Barney land' and 'Pre-teen land'.

I will be back to read about your great family.