September 30, 2008

A Trip to the Doctor's office & Dollhouse fun

After having several nose bleeds over the last few days and a night of absolutely NO SLEEP, Josie and I took a trip to her doctor's office this afternoon. She attended daycare in the morning and I picked her during nap time. It was interesting seeing a darkened room filled with toddlers all sleeping on cot's with their cozy sleeping bags. The doctor is in agreement that she has allergies and her nasal cavity is pretty irritated. He did a fun little procedure which cauterized her nasal cavity and we are now starting her on Clariton. We'll have to watch how she behaves on this medication because we saw how she reacted to Benadryol over the weekend and it wasn't nice. I have no desire to see demon child emerge anytime soon. We also had a lengthy conversation about the Chinese baby formula recall and getting some blood drawn for high levels of lead. I'm really not worried about it, but I'd rather just have peace of mind.

In happier news, I wanted to share some fun pictures of my former dollhouse which Emma has thoroughly been enjoying lately. My grandparents and my mother crafted this house (complete with stained glass windows) when I was in the 5th grade. Emma has it set-up currently on our formal dining room table with a combination of her own accessories and my former dollhouse accessories. I love seeing my own 5th grader getting the same kind of enjoyment out of the house that I did.

Josie doesn't quite understand why she can't play with Emma's special house and all the fun accessories. We've compromised and she has her own special house that her fisher price little people have taken up residence.

Here's to enjoying little girls and all their fun toys!


The Young's said...

OK...WOW...that you still have that amazing doll house! That is just TOO COOL!! How neat to see Emma playing with something that was yours. That is SO SPECIAL!! Sophie uses a backpack that was mine....that's it though. I throw away everything. I's terrible...but I do!! I need to get better on saving special things.

I hope the claritin helps Josie. Bless her little heart. You know...Sadie seems to have a lot of trouble with her sinuses. We live in what is known as "death valley" as far as allergies go. It is TERRIBLE certain times of the year. I sure hope that Josie is able to get better and start back on a good sleeping schedule!!

Gotta run. Have a great weekend!!! I'll post from Disney on Sunday night!!!
Love ya,

Angela said...

Thanks for the head's up on the allergies. Tyler is good, but my older son and I are the big mosquito responders. We find Claritin too sedating, so talk to the dr. about Zyrtex. It just went over the counter, or available in pharmacies without a prescription, so doctors don't talk about it as much anymore. However, Zyrtex is less sedating and better for people who get hives, which happen to be the people taking the drug for mosquitoes as well as allergies. Also, is the demon child response occurs again, try taking at night before bed instead of during the day.

The formula thing is scary, it is good to have them home and moving forward with wider food influences.

We had a GREAT surgical visit today. We are certain Tyler was treated with a western surgical style on the cl/cp. Our surgeon here was shocked at how great it all looked. We won't be looking at surgery for a few years now! Speech therapy here we come!

Kay Bratt said...

I love the doll house. And I love that Emma gets to have the honor of playing with it first...and Josie can have it later. Great parenting choice!!


Tammy said...

Poor Josie! We've definitely had our share of respiratory problems lately so I can relate. I hope she feels better soon.

Awesome dollhouse!


Nikki said...

OK, Miss Spooky.
BRETT had been having nose bleeds this past weekend.
AND I still have my dollhouse that my grandma made me (1975 or 76) and Lili LOVES playing with it.
We are so creepy, aren't we?

Anyway, hope that the Claritin works. It's been terrible lately for allergies around here too.

Love the blog design....again! :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

How special that Emma is enjoying your doll house, made by your mother and grandmother. It is beautiful!
I hope Josie feels better soon,

Robin Miller said...

Love the dollhouse! It is so beautiful. Josie's little dollhouse is cute too!
Benadryl has the exact same demon-child maker effect on Gracie. Not fun! Hope Josie's better real soon.
Have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see pics of this year's Halloween decorations. Sure wish I could come to that party!
Much love,

Jeanne said...

Josh is the kid in class with the 'wet nose'. It has gotten a bit better, but is runny. We have never had sleep issues, but allergy symptoms...Yes. nothing serious, but definately there! Your girls are looking great!

Mike and Barb said...

That is very special to still have your dollhouse!! I'm sure this is special to Emma, too (and a source of pain for little Miss Spunky :-)) )
I hope the allergies will be easily controlled, and you'll get more rest again!!
Love, Barb