September 28, 2008

Mosquito Bites and Dress-up Fun

Josie has been in rare form this weekend. She came home from daycare on Friday eaten up by mosquito bites. By Saturday, her right eye had swelled shut. She is so allergic to mosquito bites and apparently she wasn't coated when they went for their walk in the woods at her daycare. She had 4 bites on her right eyebrow, 2 bites on her forehead and at least 4 bites on her neck. Not fun. She looked like such a bruiser, that Chris stayed back with her and missed Emma's soccer game Saturday morning. We've been coating her with Benadryl cream and Benadryl liquid medicine. She looked well enough for mass this morning, but was so crazy wild, that we ended up leaving after communion. It was musical pews with Chris and I taking turns taking her out of the church service. It's been an exhausting toddler weekend of temper tantrums and "no" and "why" shouting matches.

Despite her less-than-kind behavior, I did manage to distract Josie long enough for a few pictures wearing dress-up clothes. We have a HUGE box of dress-up clothes that I had saved from Emma's days of playing dress-up. Included in this box are several hand-made ballerina skirts that my mother crafted. Unfortunately, Josie wanted nothing to do with the tutu skirts. She had her own ideas of what she needed to wear (plastic flowered-clog shoes and a sequined outfit minus one sleeve).

Even big sister got in on the dress-up fun...


Terri said...

Oh..Teagan is horribly allergic to mosquitos as well..and we have had the 'eye swelled shut' by a mosquito bite before too. We must have had one in the car as Teagan has about five new ones today. She scratches them until they are awful sores. I'm thinking of getting some of those anklet/bracelet type repellents for her to wear daily if necessary. I certainly empathize with you!
The video of Josie walking in those shoes is so cute!!

Shanna said...

I don't know what it is with Chinese kids and mosquitos!! Poor Chloe has such a nasty reaction to them too! It takes weeks for them to flatten out and fade. I will be glad when we have a freeze. That should take care of the nasty things!!
Josie looked so funny in the shoes. Nothing that a few more dress up days won't cure. So cute!
Have a great evening!

Mike and Barb said...

Poor thing! And poor Mama, too! It sounds like a not-so-relaxing weekend {{{{{hugs}}}}.
I hope that those bites won't bother Miss Josie for too long.
What a cute video - love the "BYE!!!". You can just HEAR that independent streak!!
Have a good week!~

The Young's said...

OH...bless her heart!! I just hate mosquitos!!! I get swarmed with them when I walk outside and OH...they itch SO BAD!!! They have been bad this year. We can't walk outside without being covered in them. Needless to say...we spend a lot of time indoors because of it! :(

LOVE the dress up pics and video!! Such a fun fun time!!! Isn't it so sweet how girls just LOVE to dress up like that?!?! Sophie absolutely thought she was a total princess and of course...she was...and still is!! :) I hope Josie get's a "happy heart" soon!! Life is SO TOUGH when they go through those stubborn stages!!

Thanks for the email update. We have been SO busy and haven't been able to reply to a lot of my emails! Time is tickin' away for Disney!! One week to go!! :) I'll make sure and get lots of pics!!! Hopefully my posts won't bore you!! Have a wonderful week!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...
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Oatsvall Team said...

we don't do well w/ mosquito bites here either ... love all the dress up clothes ... our girls would all have a blast together ...

did i mention i am pacing the floor here waiting for the baby to come !! i have cleaned, folded, washed everything i can !!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Josie-Tatum and Ellie are blessed with many things from Whitney's little girl days....including over 100 Barbies!