September 12, 2008

Daycare antics & new video

Josie did something funny during nap time yesterday at daycare (keep in mind that all the toddlers sleep in the same room on their own cots). The staff do the best they can at spreading out the cots so that the toddlers aren't near each other. Josie had fallen asleep at 12:55 and when the ladies went to check on Josie 20 minutes later, she wasn't on her cot. She was across the room sitting on Sam's cot having a conversation. She had woken him up to have a little chat.

I think the daycare ladies are quite surprised at how much she's NOT sleeping during nap time. Yep. She barely sleeps for us, so I don't see it happening much at daycare. You would think all that lack of sleep would cause her to be exhausted and stay sleeping at night for us, but it's not. Chris and I are continuing to play musical beds at night. Something new she started this week during the night, is calling out for "Mommy". She'll yell out "Mommy help me" instead of just crying. I guess it's progress when you think of how her original night terrors used to look. Chris still gets the special title of "baby whisperer". He can sit next to her bed and stroke her head and get her back to sleep in minutes whereas it takes me hours of kissing and talking and holding.

Despite her lack of interest in sleeping or eating at daycare, she's really doing much better. She's thrilled with craft time, outdoor activities, and any physical movement activities (dancing, walking, exercising). It's definitely a HUGE improvement since the beginning of the week and that's all we can ask for.

Check out this very short and cute video of Chris sneaking into daycare to pick up Josie. She didn't know he was there. Can you tell she's excited to see Daddy?

Have a great weekend, everyone. We're looking forward to celebrating our nephew's birthday on Saturday and then holding our own version of the Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival on Sunday at our house.


Crazy Mama said...

Yay! A good week for Miss Josie!!! I love the nap time story. How sweet is that?
I love the Mid Autumn Moon festival. Wished that we lived closer so we could celebrate with you :) You really know how to throw parties. I can't wait for Halloween to roll around. Your decorations are the best I've ever seen!!
I hope your weekend is wonderful.

Oatsvall Team said...

if we lived next door then we could put them in the same room ... Maggie is right there w/ Josie ... Up till midnight, less than a 30 min nap a day, but she is starting to sleep most nights from midnight till 7 am w/out waking up, so that has helped me so much !!!.. It is crazy and we call her a medical marvel ... lol ...

Caroline said...

Great news on daycare. Good job, Josie! Nora has rejected her preschool for the time being. Keep you posted there. We are still sending sleep prayers your way :)! xo, Caroline

Crazy Mama said...

Oh my goodness! What a happy little girl in the video. Somebody REALLY loves her daddy. So sweet!
Thanks for sharing :)

Nicole said...

Yay Josie!!! Glad she had a good week... and the video is so sweet. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Mike and Barb said...

How much cuter can she get????? That video is sooo sweet!!
And I agree - you throw the best parties , and I wish I could stop by and celebrate Moon festival with you!

Nikki said...

"Mommy help me"? Oh my goodness, how can you deny that? TOO FUNNY!

Love the video. Man, that's just pure joy to have your kids so excited to see you! (wish it could last past age 12!)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I checked out your blog after watching Josie's Gotcha Day video on YT. If not, I would have missed this cute video of Josie. It put a smile on my face and I got to admit, my eyes got teary as well. Such a special kid you got here. She's beautiful. :)