September 24, 2008

NO! Josie do it!!

Miss Josie is definitely showing normal developmental behavior for a two year old. Now that she’s so verbal, we hear “No! Josie do it!” all day long. She’s trying so hard to assert her independence which can test my patience after a long day at work, but I understand why she’s doing it. I have to keep reminding myself that using the word “no” is really a sign of independence and not necessarily naughty behavior. It could also be that she’s constantly testing limits and boundaries, because she’s feeling more relaxed.

The other night as I was hurrying to prepare dinner and she was under my feet and getting dangerously close to the stove, Chris told her that she needed to stand in the dining room to watch Mommy fix dinner. She wasn't allowed in the kitchen at that moment. She actually turned to us and said "why". Chris repeated that we both wanted her safe and away from the stove and she then responded, "but why". I honestly didn't expect her to understand "why" this early. Let alone say "why" aloud. Her brain power just amazes me.

Since she started daycare (which she is actually enjoying now...thank goodness), we’re hearing a lot more “mine” and we are having to practice “sharing” at home. Notice the book that Josie is looking at in the picture.

I’m including a short video clip of Josie playing with her fisher price little people. I wanted to capture some of her verbal skills and her playing some-what independently. Chris and I are constantly amazed at her grasp of the English language in only sixth months. Her receptive language has always been fantastic, but neither of us expected her verbal skills to be so on target.

PS. I don't want to jinx myself, but Josie has actually been sleeping through the night for over a week. Woo hoo!


Shanna said...

Wow Kim! She is really doing great. I am totally impressed with her verbal expressions! Such a sweet video. It is amazing how much different the kids look in video than they do in pictures. She has grown so much from the scared little girl just 6 months ago.
Thanks for sharing :)

The Young's said...

Her verbal skills are awesome!!! Yes...don't you just LOVE dealing with the "MINE" and "WHY" phase?!?! It is SO frustrating, but necessary for the growth. I LOVE the picture of Emma and Josie reading and laughing together. That is SO wonderful!!! She is doing amazing. So glad she's sleeping through the night AND enjoying the daycare. God is SO GOOD!!!! Hope you're doing well too!!!
Love ya,

Nicole said...

My goodness!!! She's doing great! Such a sweet little voice!


Mike and Barb said...

Just look at the spunk in her eyes - no wonder you're starting to hear those two wonderful toddler words :-))
What a doll!
Love, Barb

Terri said...

Hi Kim! I thought I had 'lost' you in cyber land after your 'you belong' site. :) So glad to have run across your new blog!! Josie looks's so good to read how well she is doing.

Angela said...

Yeah! Why is an awesome development, you know have dicerning soul on your hands whether she likes the answer or not! Also yea, you offer hope to me that we will get lanuage in the months to come!

Shanna said...

Hi Kim~ LOVE the new header. So pretty of both the girls.
Guess what I have been doing? Working on my Halloween decor....... Your pics had my kids going nuts. We have shopped all afternoon for new decorations. I'll send you a pic of what we have done so far.