September 6, 2008

Friday/Saturday Highs and Lows

All within the same weekend, we had several high and low points.

Starting with the high points...

1. Chris had a simple, yet wonderful 40th birthday with ALL his girls.

2. Emma (although she didn't score a goal) seemed happy to be back on the soccer field with her friends (she's #2 )

3. Josie's health continues to improve and she actually slept through the ENTIRE night on Friday and part of Saturday night(praise the LORD). Just look at the mischief in those eyes. She's one active little toddler now that her energy is back again. Let's hope she enjoys her return to daycare on Monday.

The low points...
1. Chris's 97 Taurus died on the way home from work on Friday (we've been milking this poor little car along because it's nice not having car payments). We're going to have to get creative with carpooling until the mechanic can give us a verdict. Too bad Chris and I work on the complete opposite sides of town and none of his coworkers live near us.

2. Our garage door's tension rod/spring snapped and our van was still in the garage which required the assistance of a neighbor to get the door open and the van out. Luckily no one got hurt, it's just annoying and one more thing to add to the budget right now.

Here's to hoping for a healthy, happy, stress-free week (a girl can dream, can't she?)


Cindy said...

How wonderful that Josie is recovering. Sat was a great day for Soccer, good job Emma!
sounds like if it is not one thing it's another.
Have a great weekend!

Tammy said...

Three steps forward...
I'm sorry for the setbacks, but it's so great to hear that Josie is better!

Happy bday to your hubby!

Crazy Mama said...

Too bad about the car and garage. When it rains, it pours, huh?
Such good news about Josie's improving health. I just know this week will be a good one for the entire family. Y'all are overdue!

Oatsvall Team said...

so glad J is feeling better and we spent our Saturday at the football fields .. i have to pack like we are going on vacation, but it is a blast ... i will pray for the vehicle situation ... i know that is hard ... my van died this summer and it stinks to buy a car !!!!

The Young's said...

Bless your hearts on the car and the garage!! It's crazy isn't it?!?! We're in the same boat with milking the cars as long as they'll go. Ours are BOTH paid for and the thought of car payments just blows us away....I hope that his Taurus get's fixed and last a LOT LONGER!!!

So glad Josie is feeling better. She DOES look mischievious!!! I pray she does well going back to daycare. And I know you are thrilled to have Emma back into the swing of things.

Happy b'day Chris....Sept. babies rock!!! Hope yall have a great week!!!


redmaryjanes said...

I am glad to hear that your little Josie is doing well.
I always played soccer when I was a little girl and just loved it.
As far as car payments and home repairs go, I hear ya. It's always something. My husband repaired a nail in my van tire and a crack in my windshield yesterday.